Krishna Chali London: Shukla to conspire against Krishna

Krishna Chali London: Shukla's new vicious plan

Shukla gets drunk. He gets angry on Radhe and Krishna. He can’t accept that Radhe has left the house with his wife. He says Radhe didn’t even talk in front of me, today he was roaring like a lion, he got this courage from his wife, Krishna’s magic is working on her, but I will end her magical grip on my son. He gets too drunk and vents out anger. He tells that there has been enough of playing a villain in Radhe and Krishna’s love story, I will try to portray love to settle scores with Krishna, Radhe will forget Krishna when he gets love from his father, I m sure my son will choose me instead his wife. He is upset that Krishna made Radhe away from him, she has instigated Radhe.

He is happy to fake a heart attack and get Radhe and Krishna back home. He traps Shukla in this web and feels confident that Krishna will never understand his plans. He has come back from the hospital and started drama again.

Krishna looks after Shukla and checks his BP. Radhe feeds him the soup with love. Shukla likes Radhe and Krishna working around him. He loves Radhe a lot and can’t lose him to Krishna. Radhe is much in love. He dances with his cricket bat, which holds memories of Krishna. He sees Krishna’s picture and confesses his love to her. He gets too happy with Krishna’s memories. He sings and dances in the room. He gets mistaken that Shukla has accepted him and Krishna heartily. He thinks his love story will come on the right track. He isn’t aware of Shukla’s new game.

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