Ishqbaaz: Destiny to decide for Shivika’s love union


In Ishqbaaz, Nikhil’s mum asks Shivay to marry Anika if he likes her so much and believes in her honesty. She asks Nikhil not to fall in Anika’s trap again. Shivay and Anika’s terms get spoiled by Nikhil’s matter. Omkara and Gauri realize that Shivay’s move has ruined their efforts. Shivay gets mindful about his next move. He tries to rectify his mistakes. He meets Nikhil’s mum to convince her about accepting Anika. He clears to her that Nikhil still likes Anika and wants to marry. He requests them not to punish Nikhil. She asks him why is he so concerned for Nikhil’s marriage. She then expresses to him that she can’t arrange money for the marriage, after that humiliating event in the marriage function.

Shivay assures her that he will pay for the marriage expenses and also give a job to Nikhil to secure Nikhil and Anika’s future. He succeeds to convince her by striking a deal. He asks her not to tell anything to Anika, as she won’t accept his help. Nikhil calls up Anika for a meet. She tells him that she is busy in work and avoids him.

Shivay calls up Anika for a meet. She agrees to meet him and tells him that she is free and wanted to share a good news about her job. She asks him to come home. Shivay tells Nikhil that he will meet Anika and fix up everything. Nikhil tells Shivay that Anika told him that she is much busy and can’t meet, then how could she become free on hearing Shivay’s name. Gauri raises the same question. Anika tells Gauri that she doesn’t like meeting Nikhil and lied to him. Shivay tells Nikhil that maybe Anika didn’t wish to meet him and made an excuse. He promises to fix up his marriage. Nikhil gets grateful to Shivay.

Shivay meets Anika and tells her that he knows how much the marriage and its vows matter to her. He tells her that he has been unfair to mock the marriage, rituals, vows and her feelings. He asks her to let him rectify his mistakes. He asks her to get married with respect as she always wanted. He wants to plan her grand wedding. He gets Nikhil’s proposal for her. She assumes him to be proposing and hugs him with her positive reply. He tells her that Nikhil would be happy with her consent. She gets a big shock knowing he was proposing her on Nikhil’s behalf. She gets upset with him. Nikhil and his mum get happy to fool Shivay and dupe him for money by taking advantage of Anika. Nikhil hides his real intentions. He wants to reap all the benefits from Shivay.

Shivay tells Anika that he is doing everything for her happiness. She doesn’t know where her real happiness lies. Shivay gets crazy to ask for her hand for marriage on Nikhil’s behalf. Shivay asks her to accept Nikhil back in her life. Anika gets upset with Nikhil and his mum land up home with shagun. She gets confused over her life’s phase. Nikhil and his parents make an apology to Anika, and turn sweet to be in Shivay’s good books. Shivay fixes Anika’s marriage and wants her farewell to happen from Oberoi mansion. He feels jealousy seeing Nikhil with Anika. Anika confronts Shivay for deciding her marriage with Nikhil. She asks him to guide her for her next step, since he didn’t ask her consent about Nikhil. He tells her that she would be wanting this too, since he just wants her happiness. She tells him that he is wishing everything for his friend, without considering her feelings. She gets heartbroken about his move. He asks her to let destiny decide it. Anika takes his advice and limits her feelings.

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