Kaleerein: More drama in Meera-Vivaan’s love tale

Kaleerein: Vivaan-Meera succeed to defeat psychotic Sunny

Vivaan gets drunk. Vivaan creates a big drama. He confesses his love to Meera. Meera throws water at him and asks him to come back to total senses. She tells the family that she has no relations with Vivaan now. Vivaan gets upset. Amar meets his good friend and gives Meera’s alliance for his friend’s son. Amar wants the friendship to turn into relationship. When Meera meets the guy chosen by Amar, the guy questions weird things, which angers Amar and Vivaan.

Meera gets questioned by Vivaan. She asks Vivaan to stay out of the matter. The guy gets dirty talking and asks Meera about her purity. He comments on Vivaan and Meera’s relation. Amar gets angry. He requests his friend to leave. Amar sends the guy and his family. He realizes that Meera can’t get any better guy than Vivaan.

Meera wants Amar to see Vivaan’s good side and accept him with all his heart. Meera plans everything to make Vivaan and Amar bond. Meera wanted this to happen. She doesn’t care for rejections. She planned to create such situations that the alliance breaks. She loves Vivaan and wants to live with him. She gets close to make Amar and Vivaan understand each other’s concern. Meera, Dolly and Bebe plan everything to unite Amar and Vivaan.


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