Angad confronts Pranali

Mayavi Maling: Pranali to rescue Angad from his demonic wife

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Pranali tries hard to expose the fake Queen Pranali. She tries all the methods as read in the book. She wants Angad to see his wife’s truth. Angad gets surprised when he suspects some enemy around. Pranali hides from Angad. He assures his wife that their enemies won’t be able to reach them. He vows to protect her. His wife confronts Pranali for trying to expose her. Pranali leaves from Angad’s sight to get saved. She attempts to scare Angad’s wife by the fire. Angad misses to see his wife’s truth once again. She manages to cure herself from the fire effects. She uses her magical powers and gets saved. She tells Angad about the attacker, who is constantly around.

Arak gets scared seeing someone. He tries to wake up Chegu and take help. He follows her to become brave like his brothers. He doesn’t want to spare the enemy. He gets scared seeing the real face of Angad’s wife. He tells Chegu that some evil woman wants to kill him.

Chegu consoles Arak. Pranali gets helpless as she isn’t able to tell anything to Angad. Pranali gets shocked seeing the ugly truth of Angad’s wife, who is a demon too. The demonic lady tells Pranali that she will sacrifice Angad on the night of Amavasya to gain ultimate powers. Pranali wants to save Angad’s life by the witch. Angad stays stressed about the enemy. His wife lies to him and confesses love to him. Pranali gets sorrowful. Angad gets misled by his wife. Pranali wants to do her duties and save Angad.

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