Ishqbaaz: Nikhil to question Shivika’s complicated relation

Ishqbaaz: Anika to trigger Shivay's trauma

Nikhil gets angry when Anika’s truth comes out. He rages and asks Anika to accept her marriage with Shivay. Shivay calls it a mistake and apologizes to Nikhil. Nikhil gets Shivika’s marriage video and confronts Anika for hiding such a big thing. He tells Anika that he will not marry her. Shivay takes a stand for Anika. She tells Nikhil that even she doesn’t want to marry him, if he doesn’t believe her, when she isn’t at fault. He asks him to check the video carefully, does Anika look happy like she is marrying by her own will. He repents for Anika’s tears. Nikhil shouts on Anika that she cheated him. Anika tells Nikhil that she didn’t wish to lie, as truth is everything for her, she wanted to tell him the truth. Nikhil asks if she was planning to tell the truth after their marriage.

He asks Shivay what’s going on between them, why did Shivay break their marriage and now he is doing so much to unite them. He says I have learnt that you both are husband and wife, this is a big cheat. Shivay tells Nikhil that it was just his revenge, Anika was helpless to marry him, since he had compelled her, he was totally wrong and is trying to rectify his mistakes now.

He doesn’t believe in the marriage. Nikhil says you have done a mistake and want me to rectify it, you married Anika and want me to give her husband’s name. Anika doesn’t want things to repeat. She tells Nikhil that this happened before, he didn’t trust her even that day, he is doing the same mistake, their relation can’t go ahead if there is no trust between them. She doesn’t want their lives to go waste in explaining truth to each other. She doesn’t want to have any relation with Nikhil. She tells him that Shivay has told the complete truth, and now its up to him to decide.


Shivay explains Nikhil that it was a forced marriage, Anika was the victim in it, she didn’t marry him willingly, why should she get punished for that meaningless marriage, if she has lost the rights to move on and live her life happily. He asks Nikhil not to punish Anika in anger, as he has done the same and regretting a lot. Nikhil doesn’t understand their relation. Anika argues with Nikhil. They both get questioning each other over their trust. Shivay handles the matter by taking all the blame on himself.

Nikhil then understands Shivay’s stance. Nikhil and Anika’s pre-marriage functions go ahead. Shivay and Anika have feelings for each other, but don’t express. They leave everything on the destiny. Shivay feels sorry that Anika is tolerating so much because of him. He apologizes to Anika for his mistakes. Anika explains him that whatever has happened in the past is done, and they have to move on to find a solution, instead playing the blame game. Anika pacifies him. Shivay tries to unite Anika with Nikhil. Shivay and Anika have a moment. She wishes Shivay realizes his love before its too late.

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