Mariam Khan – Reporting LIVE: Mariam gets compelled for the surgery

Mariam gets caught

Mariam reaches the political rally and gets to hear the speech by a political leader. Mariam hides from Aayat and gets into the crowd. She saves everyone from the blast by throwing the bomb into the lake. She recalls Majaaz’s teachings. The leader praises Mariam for her bravery and intelligence. Mariam tells them that she is from India. She makes everyone proud. Aayat reaches there and finds the matter. She doesn’t want anything to happen to Mariam, so that Mariam can save Jibraan’s life. She doesn’t care for Mariam’s honor. Mariam didn’t imagine that Aayat will find her. Aayat catches hold of Mariam and gets her home. She punishes Mariam for running away from the hospital.

Aayat asks what would happen to my son Jibraan if you don’t undergo the operation. She makes Mariam on one foot. Mariam apologizes to Aayat. She gets ache in her legs. Aayat asks her to think about Jibraan. Mariam tells Aayat that she didn’t intentionally hurt Jibraan, she just went to meet Majaaz.

She asks Aijaz’s brother to take her home. She assumes he is Aijaz and hugs him. He tells her that they will return home once Jibraan gets fine. Aayat asks Mariam not to act smart again, else she won’t be spared. Aayat learns that Jibraan is getting unwell. She holds Mariam responsible for this. Aayat proves out to be a bad mother, and risks Mariam’s life. She takes Mariam for the operation again, knowing Mariam can also lose her life, if she fails to survive the difficult bone-marrow donation surgery. Aayat just worries for Jibraan’s life. Aayat tortures Mariam and makes sure that Mariam doesn’t run anywhere this time. Mariam hopes Majaaz comes to her rescue. Will Majaaz be able to reach Mariam on time and stop Aayat from risking Mariam’s life? Keep reading.


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