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High Five Spoilers… Mariam Khan – Reporting LIVE: Mariam gets tortured by Aayat again. Aayat punishes her for going against her and putting Jibraan’s life at stake. Mariam tells her that she didn’t intend to trouble Jibraan or her. She apologizes to Aayat. Aayat angrily breaks out the truth that she is not her aunt, but her biological mother. She tells Mariam that Majaaz and Madiha aren’t her biological parents. This truth shatters Mariam. Mariam cries a lot and imagines Majaaz, who disappears every time Mariam reaches him. Majaaz tells Mariam that he is not her dad. Mariam breaks down and can’t believe that Aayat is her real mother, who has no motherly love or emotions for her. Aayat considers Mariam as the root cause of all her problems, and tortures her.

Gumaan sends his goons after Anjor. He challenges Imli to send Anjor out of her limits. Chakor and Saanvi will be meeting after seven years. Chakor’s wait finally ends. Chakor reaches Aazaadgunj for her NGO Udaan’s work. She believes that someone would be needing her help. She senses some dear person calling her, when Anjor makes a help plea. Chakor doesn’t know her relation with Anjor. When Anjor gets attacked by the goons, Chakor comes to her rescue. Chakor fights with the goons and also inspires Anjor. Anjor gets hit by one of the goon. Chakor saves Anjor from getting shot. Gumaan conspires to kill Anjor and end Imli’s threatening. Chakor will have her new journey to achieve Anjor’s freedom.

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Jiji Maa:

Falguni learns Uttara’s big truth, that Uttara has been cheating her till now. Falguni reveals Uttara’s truth to Niyati. The sisters make a plan to scare Uttara. Falguni fakes death. Suyash is also involved in the plan. Falguni asks Suyash to give her 24 hours time to bring Uttara’s truth out. Falguni dies in front of Uttara. Falguni takes a spirit’s avatar to shock Uttara and make her accept all the crimes. They all scare Uttara. Uttara undergoes a kidney operation, and feels she is hallucinating in the drugged state.

Piyaa Albela:
The truth comes out, that both Angraj and Naren are alive. Dada ji tries to help Naren recover soon. Pooja and entire family wants to know who is Angraj’s aide. Pooja agrees for marriage. She gets dressed as the bride. She comes to the mandap to marry Arjun. Naren makes an entry there and stops the marriage. He breaks the ghatbandhan. Naren’s entry brings happiness in the family. Arjun pretends goodness in front of everyone.

Pooja and Naren get together to expose Angraj and Arjun. Angraj meets the tantric to get treated, so that he can return with a bang. Arjun’s truth comes out, as Arjun is Angraj’s crime partner. Pooja feigns memory loss only as per her plan. Naren tells the family that Pooja didn’t lose her memory, she was just protecting him from his enemies. Everyone gets thankful to Pooja for proving her love. Angraj and Arjun’s game gets over. Naren and Pooja will unite and have a happy ending to their love story.

Saam Daam Dand Bhed:

Vijay and his family celebrate Raksha Bandhan. Gayatri ties Rakhi to Vijay and Agastya. She does the rituals of Rakhi rasam and asks them to take her blessings by touching her feet. She gets nek from them. Vasu also ties the Rakhi to her brother. She ties Rakhi to Bulbul as well, as Bulbul has been protective always. Vijay gets happy that things are falling in to place now.


Anika decides to make Shivay realize their love. She has realized her love for Shivay. She takes a new task on hand. She wants Shivay not to make any further mistakes. He asks her to sign the divorce papers. Shivay intentionally puts the wrong sign so that the divorce doesn’t happen. He also wants to stay married to Anika, but doesn’t accept it. She asks him why did she sign wrong, is there any feelings in his heart, if this is his intentional step, does he not want her to marry Nikhil. She hits questions on him. He doesn’t admit anything. She gets angry on him and throws water on his face. She says you have to admit that you don’t want me to marry someone else.







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