Yeh Rishta: Suwarna to benefit from KaiRa’s divorce

Suwarna gets happy

Kartik and Naira shed tears on their separation. Suwarna waits for the news and gets restless seeing the family preparing a surprise for KaiRa. Rajshri misses to see them and stays hopeful that their divorce didn’t happen. Kirti tells her that maybe they went home by now, since the court is closed. Kirti spots the lawyers and asks Naksh to ask them. Rajshri asks the lawyers about the divorce. The lawyers break the bad news, that Kartik and Naira got divorced, the case is closed now, they got free of each other. Rajshri can’t believe that she failed to stop Kartik and Naira. She regrets that she didn’t reach to them on time. Kartik and Naira reach the same shade to avoid the rains. Naira gets upset seeing him and tries to ignore him. Kartik requests her to stay back. They try to break their silence and oddness. Kirti and Naksh console Rajshri.

Rajshri asks them why didn’t they inform her about the divorce before. She feels the family has done a big mistake to leave the decision on Kartik and Naira. Kirti blames herself for not informing Rajshri. Kirti tells Naksh that Kartik and Naira are related with heart, their connection of love can never end. Rajshri tries to talk to Kartik and Naira. Kartik and Naira reach a cafe for sharing a cup of tea. They witness instances which reminds them about the past. Their concern and love remains still the same. They realize that they have got too far now, they can’t get together. They miss each other’s love bond. They regret to break their relation. They get suffering because of their anger. Kartik tries to pay for the bill and forgets the card pin in stress.

Naira remembers it and pays the bill. Kartik realizes how absorbed she was in to their relation. He regrets that he has finished everything in his anger and ego. Goenkas wait for Kartik and Naira’s return. They plan a good welcome. Suwarna tells them that Kartik and Naira have got divorced. Goenkas get upset with this news. Naitik too shatters on hearing about the divorce. He gets depressed and deals with the trauma.

Kartik and Naira cross their ways once again and again. They come across a puppet show happening on the road, and get some sense that it was their responsibility together to save the relation, if they shared the love and relationship, they should have shared the mistakes and responsibility as well. They undergo the pain of separation and realize their huge mistake of parting ways. Manish and Naitik get much saddened with the sad news, and try to become support of their children. Dadi too finds hard to deal with Kaira’s divorce news. Only Suwarna gets the happiness, as her hopes get fulfilled. She wants to reap benefits of their separation. Rajshri gets to meet Kartik and Naira, and expresses her wrath on them. She calls them big fools to not realize their mistake.


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