Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala: Tevar makes an timely entry to stir a storm

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Panicking moment for Tevar

Lovely gets tensed to know if Tevar has learnt the truth. Cutie informs her that she will deal with the matter her way and get the desired results. Cutie bribes Nihalo for lying to Tevar that Kulfi is Lovely’s daughter. She scolds Nihalo when the latter gets questioning her about the wrong testimony. Lovely gets thankful that Cutie has done her work, and now Kulfi will be gone with Tevar. She wants both the thorns to get out of her way. Tevar returns from Chirauli and recalls Kulfi. He sheds tears and goes in search of her. He regrets that he didn’t do justice with Kulfi before. He wants to meet Kulfi and apologize to her. Sunidhi Chauhan performs in the concert, while Sikandar tries to change Amyra’s decision. Sikandar sheds tears since he doesn’t want to cheat his soul. He feels shattered that Amyra doesn’t believe him and his love.

Mohendar and Bebe cry seeing Sikandar’s sorrow. They don’t want Sikandar to cancel the show. They get compelled by Lovely to hide Kulfi’s truth. They want Amyra to understand Sikandar’s love for her. They wish the concert happens well and Sikandar gets successful again. Sikandar shares his sorrow and tears with them. He turns emotionally drained. He fails to do justice with Kulfi.

He tells that Kulfi and Amyra are in pain because of her. He feels he should kill himself to avoid this situation. Mohendar loves Sikandar as his child and convinces him to perform with Amyra to do a duty of a father, without thinking of his art once. Sikandar tells him that he doesn’t want to do anything wrong that he repents. Tevar reaches the concert to meet Kulfi. He gets restless. Lovely asks Sikandar to come with Amyra for the performance, since Tevar didn’t turn up yet. Sikandar cries on seeing Kulfi. She makes him smile. She begs him to go ahead and not cancel the concert.

Sikandar and Kulfi have an emotional moment. Lovely and Amyra get bored of their drama. Lovely is sure that Kulfi will go away from Sikandar forever. Tevar happens to meet Kulfi, who seeks his blessings. He melts down his heart for her and feels happy that she is his daughter. Kulfi tells him that she just wants his blessings. Tevar happily unites with his assumed daughter Kulfi. Tevar gets angry knowing Lovely is using Kulfi’s voice to make Amyra a star. He wants to oppose Lovely and Sikandar.


  1. Tevar kullfi is not your n lovely’s daughter, but Amyra is your n lovely’s daughter. Lovely is a big liar n cheater. Pl don’t believe lovely. She is playing with your sentiments


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