Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala: An emotional fix for Sikandar and Tevar

Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala spoilers

Kullfi asks Tevar to help her find her father. Tevar gets emotional. Kulfi asks Tevar to sing to the best of his abilities. Tevar wants to sing just for Kulfi this time. Sikandar takes away Kulfi with him. Tevar cries for his daughter. Amyra cheers for Tevar, as he is much friendly towards her. Lovely wonders how did Tevar come back so soon, if her plan worked or not. She worries that his silence can bring a storm. Tevar raps again and performs to please Kulfi. Amyra and Kulfi like his rocking performance. Tevar looks for Kulfi and gets restless to talk to Lovely once. Lovely doesn’t want Tevar to tell Kulfi that he is her dad, since this can ruin Kulfi’s senses.

She wants Kulfi to sing for Amyra. Sikandar spends time with Amyra and Kulfi, while Kulfi trains Amyra for lip syncing on her song. Sikandar feels bad for Kulfi. Tevar gets occupied by Minty, who comes in his way while he searches for Kulfi.

Tevar learns that Lovely is using Kulfi’s voice for Amyra’s success. He gets a big shock and thinks even Sikandar is involved in this talent scam. He doesn’t want anyone to use Kulfi’s song. Tevar gets angry and determines to throw Amyra out of the concert, since she isn’t talented. He confronts Sikandar for using Kulfi’s voice for his daughter. He taunts Sikandar for his drama and Amyra’s cheat. He applauds Sikandar for deceiving his own talents, his art and music. Sikandar feels more guilty when Tevar shows him the mirror of flaws. He asks Sikandar not to use Kulfi. Sikandar gets angry on Tevar, but can’t explain how helpless he is because of Lovely and Amyra. He tells Tevar that he would have stopped this concert, but he is helpless.

Tevar asks him to be a man and fight with this situation. Sikandar tells him that he is a helpless father. He reveals about Kulfi, who is like her Guru. He regrets to steal Kulfi’s rights for Amyra. He pleads to Tevar not to break Amyra’s heart. He wishes if anyone could stop Amyra and get justice for Kulfi, it will be better. He wants Tevar to get justice for Kulfi. Tevar understands his signs and helps him out to make Kulfi’s fate by making her sing in the concert instead Amyra. Tevar doesn’t want to tolerate any injustice with Kulfi. He wants to make Kulfi his strength. He gets strong-headed to support his daughter. Sikandar and Kulfi together perform in the concert. This brings a moment of joy for Sikandar. He feels indebted to Tevar for this huge favor.

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