Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Parmeet makes a final attempt to kill Ishita-Raman

Parmeet makes a final attempt to kill Ishita-Raman

Raman and Ishita get trapped inside the cave, while the family struggles to save them. They think of some ways to come out. Parmeet gets happy that Raman and Ishita aren’t getting any help. Raman and Ishita become each other’s support. They get saved from the ditch. Ruhi panics fearing that she will lose her parents. Parmeet watches their struggles and gets fun. He is sure that nobody can rescue Raman and Ishita now. He wants them to die inside the cave. The family misses to see Parmeet hiding away. They call more villagers to get a rescue team for Raman and Ishita’s escape. Raman and Ishita find the cave very unsafe and full of obstacles. Mani and Shagun try to get the rescue team soon. They struggle to contact the police. Mani rushes to get police to seek help.

Raman gets in pain because of his wound. Ishita worries for his wound’s condition getting worse. She blames himself for his condition. He tells her that they have to find some way out. Everyone gets clueless and worries for them. Mani gets the police to save Raman and Ishita. The rescue team suggests that they have to blast the rocks by dynamites so that they can open the cave’s entry again. Police assures that he will get the special team to rescue Raman and Ishita. Ishita sees Raman losing his consciousness. She tries to talk to him. The couple tries to survive inside. The family members wait for rescue operation to get completed. Media intervenes to add up more troubles. Shagun handles the media.

Media reaches Bhalla house and informs the rest of the family about Raman and Ishita trapped inside the cave. Aaliya and Mihika get a big shock with this news. They pray for Raman and Ishita’s survival. Parmeet wants them to die some how. Ishita finds Raman blacking out and reminds him their golden moments of the past. She asks him to keep up his strength. He tells her that maybe he won’t survive and promises her that he will always marry her in all his births.

He asks her to marry him in all her seven births and complete their love story. She asks him not to lose his will to live. She asks him to live for her sake. Ishita gets scared that Raman needs the first aid immediately. Parmeet re-plots to blast the dynamite at the wrong point to crush Ishita and Raman under the rocks. He wants them to die at any cost. How will Ishita and Raman survive? Keep reading.

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