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Know Upcoming On StarPlus… Yeh Rishta:Manish feels Suwarna has done wrong with Naira. He worries for Suwarna’s anxiety attack. He doesn’t want Suwarna to blame Naira all the time. Goenkas decide to change their paths than Singhanias. They want to forget about Kartik and Naira’s relations, so that they don’t get hurt further. Kartik and Naira yearn to meet each other. Naira waits for him at the park, while he keeps an eye on her house to catch a glimpse about her. Suwarna gets conscious and summons Kartik so that she can tell him about Ashi’s alliance. Manish asks Suwarna not to intervene between Kartik and Naira. He disapproves Kartik and Ashi’s alliance.

Ishqbaaz: Shivay rescues Anika from Daksh and admits that her presence in his life really matters to him. He recollects their precious moments and tells her that he really cares for her, he can’t afford to lose her. Anika gets to hear his confession and thanks him for saving her life. She tells him that she knew he will save her. Bhavya informs him that medical team is reaching them soon. Daksh gets arrested. Bhavya salutes Shivay and his true love for Anika. Shivika’s true love defeats all odds. On returning home, everyone gets worried on seeing Anika’s vulnerable state. Shivay informs them that Anika is fine. Anika gets conscious and meets the family. Shivay tells her that everyone is wishing her recovery. Anika fails to communicate and falls short of breath. Her health deteriorates.

Radhe misbehaves with Saajan and hurts his feelings. Krishna apologizes to Saajan on Radhe’s behalf. Saajan feels he has failed as a good friend for Radhe. She asks him not to worry, Radhe will get fine in some time. Radhe deals with his dilemma. He doesn’t know why Krishna is lying to him. He gets upset with even Lord, since he didn’t get his love. Pandit guides him that the thing lost doesn’t belong to the person, so he shouldn’t regret. Radhe feels Krishna didn’t belong to him. Prashant informs Shukla that he has executed his plan. Krishna tells Shukla that she has filed the tax and needs to get a printout. Prashant and Shukla try to trap Krishna in their plan. Krishna unwillingly takes help from Prashant. Prashant tells her that he will pay the tax online and inform her.

She tells him that she will pay him the money the same day. She fails to pay the money because of no online services available. Shukla calls the fake IT officials home and makes them create a big drama. He holds Krishna responsible for the chaos. He asks Krishna if she didn’t file the tax. The officer asks Krishna to show him the payment receipt. Krishna tries hard to stop the raid. Shukla gets beaten up by the officer. Even the family members get hurt, when the house is ruined. Radhe can’t believe the sight. Shukla tells them that everything happened because of Krishna’s carelessness. The family worries that Shukla may die of an attack. Radhe gets angry on Krishna for hurting his family. Krishna tells them that they should file a FIR against such IT officials for their illegal way of action. The family gets against Krishna. Krishna faces everyone’s wrath.

They misunderstand Krishna’s intentions and think she is exacting revenge. They ask Krishna to leave the house. Radhe doesn’t support Krishna this time, which breaks her heart. Radhe pleases Shukla’s heart by ending his relation with Krishna.

Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala:

Lovely reprimands Sikandar for ruining Amyra’s happiness. She tells him that he is responsible for Amyra’s sad state. She says you were so engrossed in Kulfi’s matters so that neglected Amyra so much. She asks Sikandar to leave and not try to meet Amyra. Cutie asks them not to fight further, as this will upset Amyra more. Sikandar cries that he has broken Amyra’s heart and trust. Kulfi feels guilty that she is the reason for all the problems in Sikandar’s life and family. She wants to get away from Sikandar’s family. She worries that she can’t go away with Tevar without knowing the truth. Mohendar sympathizes with Kulfi. Before he could tell the truth to Sikandar, Bebe stops him. She asks him to let Tevar take away Kulfi, since none will be happy if they stay under the same roof.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:
Bhallas get worried when Mani and Shagun struggle to arrange the neuro surgeon for Raman’s treatment. Raman faces a critical phase. He doesn’t get treated on time. Mani worries that he has to answer Ishita about Raman’s state. By all difficulties, Bhallas call upon the surgeon and beg him to save Raman’s life. The surgeon assures to them that he will try his best to save Raman’s life. Raman goes through the tough surgery and battles for his life, while the entire family worries for him. Simmi tells them that Raman will surely survive, since she has tied him the protective Rakhi. She prays for her doting brother. Ishita is kept away from Raman, but wants to know about his welfare. The surgeon completes his task and gets speechless when the Bhallas ask him about Raman’s survival and recovery. Bhallas fear of losing Raman. They wonder if any bad news awaits them.

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