Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala: Nimrat’s truth knocks at Sikandar’s door

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Nimrat entry, twists and more

Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala: Nimrat’s truth knocks at Sikandar’s door… Lovely reprimands Sikandar for ruining Amyra’s happiness. She tells him that he is responsible for Amyra’s sad state. She says you were so engrossed in Kulfi’s matters so that neglected Amyra so much. She asks Sikandar to leave and not try to meet Amyra. Cutie asks them not to fight further, as this will upset Amyra more. Sikandar cries that he has broken Amyra’s heart and trust. Kulfi feels guilty that she is the reason for all the problems in Sikandar’s life and family. She wants to get away from Sikandar’s family. She worries that she can’t go away with Tevar without knowing the truth. Mohendar sympathizes with Kulfi. Before he could tell the truth to Sikandar, Bebe stops him. She asks him to let Tevar take away Kulfi, since none will be happy if they stay under the same roof.

She asks him to think for long time happiness of Kulfi and send her with Tevar, who has promised to give her an identity and good upbringing. She convinces Mohendar. Tevar comes home to take Kulfi. Kulfi denies to accept Tevar as her father. Sikandar asks Tevar to give them some time to think, since they are not in a state to think well. He stays worried. Tevar asks Sikandar why is it always after him. He laughs at Sikandar’s growing problems. He asks Sikandar to do justice with his own daughter Amyra first. He tells him that he wants to take Kulfi. Sikandar pesters him for the DNA test. Tevar angrily agrees for the DNA test since he knows that Kulfi is his daughter. He tells Sikandar that he will take Kulfi with him, he can’t wait for her more.

He asks Sikandar not to delay things for him. He requests him not to break hopes. Sikandar asks Tevar to get his lover and bring the proof, since he worries for Kulfi’s future. Tevar doesn’t want Sikandar to decide for Kulfi. He tells Kulfi that they can go Chirauli and bring out the truth.

Kulfi finds her potli which contains details about her father. Sikandar gets happy that Kulfi has finally got her potli. She requests him to read her mum’s diary and know about her father. Sikandar checks the belongings of Nimrat. Sikandar goes through an emotional turmoil. He really wants to know if Tevar is Kulfi’s father. He explains that he is doing all the necessary things to ensure that Kulfi isn’t cheated like last time. Kulfi waits for Sikandar to reveal about her father.

Mohendar wishes that the truth about Sikandar and Nimrat comes out, so that he doesn’t need to break any promise to save Kulfi. Mohendar doesn’t feel Tevar can love Kulfi as Sikandar does. Lovely gets stunned on seeing the potli with Sikandar. Sikandar gets misled by reading Nimrat’s diary. He checks the locket as well. He doesn’t find any proof that signs that Kulfi is his own daughter. Sikandar and Kulfi get helpless to part ways. He gets cheated. Kulfi asks him what’s written about her dad. Sikandar gets crying when everything reminds him about Nimrat. Kulfi begs him to say who is her real father. Sikandar tells her that the potli had all answers of her questions, but now everything is clear to him. Kulfi bids farewell to Sikandar and his family.


  1. Stupidity galore!! Sikander and Tevar shown as very stupid with not an iota of intelligence. or common sense too ! No one botgers to ask Kulfi her mothers name when her fathers name is unknown. Tevar believes stupidly tgat Kulfi is his daughter… knowing amyras age and that she was a premature baby ! How can both the girls be born at the same time …amyra n kulfi to a single mother, in this case Lovely, unless they are twins, in which case both would be Tevars n Lovelys children !! No one thought of DNA test in the first instance.. particularly Tevar !! No one thinks of meeting Kulfis Mama, particularly when she is saying that her Mami is a bag of lies ! Everybody selfish, Dadi particularly. No one has any guts, spineless creatures, to speak out tge truth. Everybody bound down by stupid promises … deserve all this nonsense ! Serial is full of twists n drama but senseless and illogical twists. Lovelys truth will not come out coz she is of higher intelligence than the emotional buffoons surrounding her. Lost interest in tge serial which had started well with a good storyline but the storyteller just got carried away too far !!!

  2. True pls change the story y kulfi is not been revield by her truth she is going deep into hurdles kill dadis character y lovely is not seen out by her ugly
    thoughts not intrested to see the show

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