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Aapke Aa Jane Silsila Krishna

TR’s Quick Reads… Bepannaah:
Aditya is eager to confess love to Zoya. He wants to tell Zoya about his feelings. Zoya hasn’t realized her love yet. Aditya wants Zoya in his life. He invites Zoya and Arshad in the Janmashtami puja held at his house. Aditya tries to talk to Zoya, but Arshad interrupts them. Arshad gives his best wishes. Aditya thanks Arshad for saving him from the accident. Arshad asks him to thank Zoya, since she always helps him. Aditya’s mum also gets grateful to Arshad. She apologizes to Zoya. She tells them that she is happy with their presence.

Tu Aashiqui:

Everyone gets upset because of the defamation coming home because of Rangoli’s false allegations. They believe Ahaan is innocent, but has no proof to save him. Rangoli tries to strike a deal with Pankti to free Ahaan. When Pankti doesn’t listen and gets challenging Rangoli, the latter plans something more dangerous. She kidnaps Pankti and aims to kill her, so that Pankti gets away from Ahaan’s life forever. Rangoli wants to marry Ahaan. Ahaan and Pankti’s families look for Pankti and get to wrong conclusions because of her absence.

Saam Daam Dand Bhed:
The entry of surrogate in Vijay and Bulbul’s lives will bring twists. Doctor asks them not to insist the woman Misri for showing her burnt face all the time, they can accept her condition and respect her wish when she is doing so much for them. She says Misri is already bearing the pain of burns, you can get Misri for checkup tomorrow, if Misri stays unhappy, it will affect the baby as well. Bulbul says we will not trouble Misri. Gayatri tells them that she has seen Misri’s burnt face. She apologizes to them. Bulbul doesn’t want Misri to feel humiliated. Gayatri says this has happened because of me, I promise I will never trouble Misri. The family decides not to insist Misri to remove her ghunghat. Sadhna assures that they will keep Misri happy. Misri and the doctor are working for Mandira. Misri will be replaced by Mandira in Vijay’s family. Mandira will target Vijay and Bulbul again.

Savitri Devi:
Sanchi happens to meet Naintara in the special ward, which is actually Naintara’s hideout. Sanchi assumes Naintara to be some patient and manages her treatment. She then learns that there was no patient in the ward. She gets curious to know whom she met. She rushes back to the ward and happens to see the spirit. Sanchi wonders how is this possible in science. She doesn’t believe in spirits. Sanchi wants to know more about Naintara and her motives to return. Naintara has evil negativity.

Krishna Chali London:

Krishna gets questioned by Radhe again. She conceals about her meeting with Prashant regarding tax issues. She doesn’t tell him the truth, which rages him again. Radhe has seen her with Prashant and gets suspicious. Krishna learns that Prashant has completed the tax filing. Shukla faces a IT raid and gets worried. He tries to stop the raid and gets beaten up in the process. Radhe can’t see his dad’s miserable state. He blames Krishna for everything. Krishna fails to save Shukla. She upsets the entire family, who misunderstands her. Krishna doesn’t succeed to reach Prashant for help. Radhe gets instigated by Shukla. He does Krishna’s Shraddh and takes a big step to oust her from his house. Radhe hurts Krishna and breaks her heart, feeling she has taken her revenge on his family.


Harman and Soumya bond again. Harman gets back to his mischievous ways. He plans to escape from the hospital by doubting Dr. Kaushal. Soumya gets him caught up again. Harman gets angry on her. They both become friends. Soumya stops Harman from his angry move and slaps him. Dr. Kaushal aims to help Harman and Soumya recover, so that they can find their lives’ path. A new phase of Harman and Soumya’s lives will begin. They fall in love once again, even when they forget their love vows of the past.

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