YRKKH: KaiRa to stay unaffected by big family battles

YRKKH: KaiRa to stay unaffected by big family battles

In YRKKH, Naksh reprimands Kartik for meeting Naira again. He asks Kartik and Naira to maintain some distance. He tells Naira that she shouldn’t meet Kartik and Goenkas now. He asks Kartik to understand and not repeat his mistake. He doesn’t feel like insulting Kartik. He asks Kartik to beware of his anger, since he will react worse next time. Lav and Kush feel bad that they have called Naira and got Kartik insulted by Naksh. Kartik’s gift for Naira drops there. Naira gets his gift and forgets the family’s annoyance. Suwarna tries to talk to Kartik when he comes home. Manish asks her not to rush and hurt Kartik’s sentiments. The elders learn about Naksh insulting Kartik. Suwarna gets angry knowing this and calls up Singhanias to seek an answer about Naksh’s misdeed.

Goenkas learn that Kartik went to Singhanias. Suwarna shouts on Devyaani and asks her why did Naksh insult Kartik. Devyaani asks her to know the matter before insulting Kartik. She tells Suwarna that Kartik shouldn’t meet Naira, as Naksh has stated everything clearly to him. Suwarna asks them not to get after Kartik. Devyaani asks her to talk to them when she gets some senses.

Kartik and Naira don’t get affected by Naksh’s anger or elders’ fights. They get absorbed in each other’s memories. Naira wears the hairpin and adorns it happily. Naitik and Manish also get into an argument, when things go out of hands. Devyaani blames Suwarna for ruining Kartik and Naira’s lives. Kartik finds it hard to forget Naira. He stays happy in Naira’s memories. Dadi and Rajshri also intervene and want the families not to talk further. Naksh asks his family to understand and keep some distance, so that they don’t get insulted by Goenkas this way. Manish confronts Kartik for visiting Singhanias house and getting them insulted. Naksh asks Naira to stick to her decision since she wanted the divorce. Manish asks Kartik to stay away from Naira or the family. Kartik and Naira yearn for each other. They wonder what do they want, why are they confused and want to be together again. They feel incomplete without each other.

Suwarna tells Kartik that she didn’t wish to hide anything from him and just wanted him to get his happiness. Kartik feels she has done wrong to hide about Ashi’s alliance. He stays annoyed with her. Suwarna gets hurt. Naitik asks Naksh to limit his anger and not hurt Naira by his words. Naksh tells Naitik about Janmashtami function invite. He wants to avoid Goenkas. He tells the family that he has declined the invite because of Naira’s sake. Rajshri asks Naira not to repeat any mistake. She reminds the mistakes to Naira. She tells Naira that this had to happen one day. Kartik also understands Rajshri’s words deeply as he missed Naira. Both the families worship and make prayers for Kartik and Naira’s future.

Kartik wants to get some sign to go ahead and form a relation with Naira, since he still has feelings for her. He wishes Lord helps him in choosing the right path. Kartik gets a nightmare and worries for Naira. He calls Naira to know her welfare. He gets relieved hearing her voice. Naira realizes it was Kartik on the call. Suwarna tells the family that they should avoid Singhanias, who will trouble Kartik again. Singhanias and Goenkas try hard to avoid each other. Kartik wishes to know about Naira and meet her. He stays aloof from family. He gets worried for Naira’s safety after getting some bad omens.

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