YRKKH (PicFiction): Kartik to make a shocking request to Suwarna

YRKKH: Kartik to make a shocking request to Suwarna

In YRKKH, Singhanias and Goenkas refuse to meet at their community’s Janmashtami celebrations to avoid each other. They land up at the same temple to make prayers and celebrate Janmashtami unknowingly. The boys participate in the Dahi Handi celebrations. Suwarna wishes that Singhanias aren’t close, but soon they happen to see Naira and her family. Dadi gets upset that there might be any issue between the families again. She doesn’t wish to lose her respect because of family. Manish advises Kartik to stay far from Naira and Singhanias. Suwarna too gets displeased that Naira is again in her sight. She wants Singhanias not to trouble Kartik. Suwarna stays in her own world of misunderstandings and hatred, while Kartik and Naira stay happy while reliving their love.

Kartik goes ahead to break the Matki, but falls down. The team gets losing. Even Naksh and Anmol can’t break the Matki. Everyone worries as Singhanias and Goenkas aren’t winning even unitedly. Kartik attempts to break Matki again. Naira runs out of somewhere and reaches the family.

She climbs up the pyramid, while the family wonders who is the brave and smart guy who climbed up and attempted to break Matki so soon. Kartik identifies Naira and lifts her a bit so that she can break the Matki. Kartik and Naira support each other. They have a moment of joy. They romance and realize that they want to get back together. Kartik finally gets a sign from Lord that he should re-unite with Naira. He prays to Lord that he gets some signal from Naira too, to know if she is reciprocating his feelings. Kartik is unsure about Naira’s feelings. Naira also gets confused about Kartik and wonders if he wants to unite with her again. They both miss each other in their lives.

They clear their emotional dilemma and conclude that they want to get back together at any cost. Kartik is aware of Suwarna’s hatred for Naira. He doesn’t care for Suwarna this time and blames her for breaking his lovely relation with Naira. He makes Suwarna feel guilty for hiding a matter and doing the same mistake as Naira. He questions her about punishing Naira so much. Kartik defends Naira, since everyone has their own reasons to cover up a sensitive matter, just like he has hidden about Mansi’s pregnancy from the family. Kartik expresses his wish to re-unite with Naira. Will Suwarna fulfill his wish and accept Naira? Keep reading.

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