Kaleerein: Vivaan-Meera succeed to defeat psychotic Sunny

Kaleerein: Meera struggles post Vivaan’s arrest

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Kaleerein: Meera struggles post Vivaan’s arrest.. Sunny kidnaps Meera. Meera hits him and runs away. Vivaan senses the danger, when he gets her broken bangles. Meera wants to save her life from Sunny. Meera finds a PCO and tries to call Vivaan. Vivaan looks for Meera and asks people about the girl in bridal clothes. Vivaan misses her call. There are hits and misses between Vivaan and Meera. They reach the same place, but don’t meet. Sunny wants their separation, as this will shatter Vivaan. Vivaan, Sunny and Meera reach the cliff after much chase out. Vivaan and Meera get at the edge of the cliff, while Sunny attempts to kill Vivaan. Sunny and Vivaan have a fight. Sunny falls down the cliff. Meera and Vivaan think Sunny has died.

Vivaan feels guilty of Sunny’s death. He doesn’t know that Sunny jumped down with purpose and got saved. Sunny wants to make everyone against Vivaan. Vivaan tells Meera that she has witnessed everything and knows that he didn’t do this intentionally. Vivaan can’t believe that Sunny is dead. Meera learns Sunny’s planning when she gets Sunny’s phone. Vivaan gets arrested for killing Sunny. Meera will struggle and prove that Sunny is alive and plotted the fake death to get Vivaan jailed.







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