Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala: Lovely’s unthinkable act to take a life

Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala: Lovely's unthinkable act to take a life

Amyra makes Sikandar promise that he won’t meet Kullfi now. She tells him that Kulfi has got her dad now. Sikandar tells her that she can’t keep such demands. She tells him that its not her mistake that Kulfi needs their sympathy. He gets helpless and promises Amyra on Bebe’s command. Tevar gets too angry and hurts himself, thinking of Kulfi’s lie for Sikandar. Kulfi clarifies that she has prayed for Sikandar’s victory so that everyone stays happy. She asks Tevar to beat her, instead hurting himself. He asks her the reason for her lie. He asks if she didn’t wish him to win. Her innocent reply melts his heart. She tells him that she wanted Sikandar and Lovely to be happy and get Amyra back home. Sikandar gives up in front of his family’s wish and tells Amyra that he will not meet Kulfi.

Tevar gets happy to know that Kulfi is happy with him. Sikandar tells them that Kulfi won’t come home from now on. Tevar is satisfied that his failure brought happiness for his daughter.

Mohendar’s wife Gunjan overhears Lovely and his conversation and learns that Kulfi isn’t Tevar’s daughter, but Sikandar’s daughter. Gunjan wonders why is Lovely hiding such a big thing from them. Kulfi and Sikandar miss each other. Tevar cheers up Kulfi and dances for her. Sikandar gets to see them happy and gets content with the situation. Lovely threatens Mohendar and asks him to conceal the truth as he promised her before. Kulfi comes to meet Sikandar and offers him sweets. Sikandar avoids her as per his promise to Amyra. He sees Amyra insulting Kulfi and goes ahead to save Kulfi from Amyra’s anger. He fails to understand Amyra’s misbehavior. He rushes to Kulfi and cries seeing her in pain.

He realizes that Amyra is getting upset with him. He behaves weird and rude towards Kulfi. He asks her to go to her home and not visit them this way. Kulfi asks him if she has lost all rights on him. She asks him what’s her mistake that he is serving her hatred. He tells her that its none of her mistake, but he wants her away from him. She realizes she isn’t saying this from heart. She questions him the reason for his bitterness. He fails to explain anything to her, and breaks her heart.

Amyra gets happy with Kulfi’s leaving and hugs Sikandar. He chooses his selfish daughter over Kulfi’s innocence. Gunjan realizes that Lovely had a relation with Tevar. She learns that Bebe is blackmailed by Lovely. She confronts Lovely about her lies. She threatens Lovely to reveal the truth to Sikandar. Lovely asks Gunjan not to tell anything to Sikandar. She ends up hurting Gunjan, which shocks Mohendar. Sikandar cries recollecting his harsh words to Kulfi. Tevar finds Kulfi crying and asks the matter. He tells her that he won’t let sorrow touch her. Lovely’s unimaginable act shocks Mohendar. Lovely calls Sikandar for help. Sikandar and Bebe get to see Gunjan, not responding and rush her to emergency. Lovely fears that Gunjan is dead. Tevar learns about Sikandar insulting Kulfi. He pledges to take revenge on Sikandar, while Mohendar gets revengeful against Lovely, who has put his wife in grave danger.

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