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Zoya is getting engaged to Arshad. Aditya doesn’t want to let Zoya leave from his life. He tries to keep Zoya with him by making the work excuse. He tries hard to limit Zoya by the company contract. He tells her that she can’t quit work all of a sudden, she has to give a month notice period if she wants to leave the company. She tells him to read the contract clauses well, she can leave the company under circumstances. She says these terms aren’t valid under conditions of marriage, pregnancy or accident. He tells her that he won’t let her accident happen and she isn’t pregnant, good thing is that even her marriage isn’t happening in a month, so she can’t leave. She shocks him by her decision and tells him that her marriage is within a week and this makes her free from the contract.

Internet Wala Love:
Aadhya becomes the talk of the town because of her runaway bride video posted by Jai. Jai raises the question that who will marry Aadhya, and asks people to support the troubled bride. Aadhya gets questioned by her neighbors. She faces the insult. Shubhankar meets Jai and confronts him for defaming his daughter. Jai reminds how Aadhya has troubled him. Aadhya understands that Jai has played this prank. Jai pushes Shubhankar in anger. Shubhankar gets hurt and scolds him further. Aadhya turns raging when Jai insults her dad. She takes Jai’s class at the office and asks the people to make Jai’s video right away when she humiliates him. Aadhya gets revengeful against Jai.

Silsila: Kunal and Nandini’s love affair grows beyond limits. Kunal doesn’t want to stay away from Nandini. He cheats Mauli and doesn’t regret a bit. Even Nandini doesn’t think for Mauli even more and turns selfish to break Mauli’s happily perfect marriage. Mauli stays in a delusion that Kunal just loves her. Mauli questions Kunal for leaving from Mayank’s marriage without informing her. She tells him how much she missed him there and also recollected their marriage. Kunal feels guilty over his affair.

Kundali Bhagya: Sarla tells Bebe that she will not support Karan. Bebe convinces Sarla to help Preeta and Karan and visit the court. Preeta begs Sarla to remove the conditions and let her reach court. Sherlyn feels proud that they are so close to win. She happily hugs Monisha, who expects to receive a bulk of money. Sherlyn’s cheat will be known to Kuthra family.

Meera and Vivaan rush for their lives, when Sunny doesn’t spare any of them. Sunny injures Meera. Meera faints, while Sunny attacks Vivaan next. Sunny plots his fake death and gets Vivaan arrested for the crime, while Meera believes in Vivaan’s innocence.

Ishq SubhanAllah:
Miraj puts Kabeer and Zara in the cage. She tells Kabeer that she can accept any punishment and difficulties when he is with her. They share a moment. They are happy to be together, even if they are in trouble. She asks him to be always with her. He tells her that she is his strength and he can overcome any difficulty. She tells him that she believes him and is sure that he will rescue her. He tells her that they have to be united and powerful. He asks her to find some way to escape. Zara looks for some exit to get saved from Miraj’s madness.


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