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TGI Friday’s Spoilers… Silsila: Nandini and Mauli get Ganpati home. Mauli places a Ganpati idol, and gets surprised with Nandini also gets an idol. Mauli welcomes Nandini and asks her to place the idol. Mauli’s mother worries for Mauli’s marriage. Mauli has faith in Nandini and her friendship. Mauli’s mother dislikes Nandini and insults her. She wants Nandini out. Kunal thanks Nandini for getting another Ganpati idol and welcomes her. He tries to neutralize the tensions in the family. Kunal and Nandini’s hide and seek love moments are seen. Later on, Kunal and Nandini meet in a garden. Rajdeep follows Nandini and wants to know whom is she meeting.

Papa By Chance:

Bela makes Yuvaan meet Amrit. She is always cheerful. She ends Yuvaan and Amrit’s problems. She asks Yuvaan to live with them. Yuvaan tells her that he is much sorrowful with his mum’s marriage with Harman. He shares his difficulties of life. Yuvaan was never serious in life, but now he feels painful. He tells her that Harman is fooling Sucharita in his sugary words and made her blind. He is sure that his mum will know the truth some day. He tells her that he didn’t file the property case for money, but only for his mum’s sake, he can’t let his mum’s life get ruined, even when dad is dead now. He tells the reason behind the court case. He says my parents are important to me than money, my mum is close to my heart, she has gone against me and married that fraud Harman.

Saam Daam Dand Bhed:

Bulbul goes against Vijay and brings Mandira in a floral palanquin for the sake of the child. Mandira uses the child to blackmail Bulbul and come back home. Bulbul welcomes Mandira with all the due respect. Vijay gets upset with Bulbul for going against his wish. The family isn’t happen with Bulbul’s decision. Vijay scolds Bulbul for getting crazy for the child and getting a Naagin home, who would never let them stay happy. He asks Bulbul why doesn’t she understand, they can file police case on Mandira and get their child, he was much prepared to deal with Mandira, what was the need to get her back. Bulbul cries and tells him that she can’t let Mandira harm the child.

Bulbul explains him that she can’t wait for police or court law to get justice for them, what if Mandira harm their child in rage, they will lose everything. Bulbul has motherly emotions for the child. Vijay asks her not to let Mandira play with her emotions. Vijay wants to throw Mandira out of his life.

Aapke Aa Jane Se:
Sahil and Vedika finally make it to rescue the children from the terrorists. Police had stopped them from intervening in the matter. Sahil and Vedika get a smoke bomb and disturb the terrorists to clear the entry point. They both are parents and wants to save their children, even when police stops them.

Ishika plans to insult Roop, but he doesn’t care for her plans. He locks her up as well, when she plans to defame him. He tells her that he doesn’t care for anyone’s opinion and just wants to spend time with her. Ishika gets a shock with Roop’s weird intentions. Roop stops Ishika from leaving.

Big Surprise in Yeh Rishta: Kartik and Naira’s magical I LOVE YOUKartik gets restless to know if Naira has forgiven him. Naira sends him a message through Lav and Kush, and asks him to meet. Kartik rushes on knowing about her message. Lav and Kush convey Naira’s message secretly. He meets Naira and gets eager to know her reply. Her silence makes him tensed. He asks her again if its not easy for her to forgive him. Naira tells him that she has taken a decision and has called him at odd hours to tell him that she can’t forgive him. He gets stunned by her response.

Soumya and Harman are getting treated in the same hospital. They both get their memory back. Harman tries to control Soumya by the drugs so that she doesn’t come in his way again. He hypnotizes her and makes her a puppet to send her away from the hospital. Harman then starts missing her.

Jija Ji Ghar Par Hai:
Ilaychi learns a big truth about her dad, and understands why she failed in her exams often. She cleans the house and seeks help from Pancham and Pintu. Karuna tells them that she will get snacks for them. Ilaychi and Panchan ask Karuna to make sweets for them. Murari taunts Ilaychi for not passing her 11th standard exams. Ilaychi understands the taunts. She catches Murari’s lie. She asks Pancham to read the news. Pancham reads about Murari who brought disgrace for his school and locality by his mischief.

Ilaychi asks Murari to clarify about his lie that he is the school topper. She says you also failed in 11th exams like me, maybe I m failing in exams, since I m your daughter and don’t like to study. She tells him that she will help him and pass the exams to fulfill his ancestor’s dream. Ilaychi and Murari study together. Principal gives admission to Murari in the school. Ilaychi convinces Murari to pass his exams. Pancham wonders how will a weak student Ilaychi help her dad pass the exams.

Nimki Mukhiya:
Nimki does justice in the village. She sorts the people’s problems and declares her verdict as the village’s Mukhiya’s rights. Nimki gets into form and shows her real power. When Babbu Singh comes to sit on the Mukhiya chair and declare his decisions, Nimki gets angry and tells him that he is just a husband of village’s Mukhiya. Nimki sits on the power chair and shocks Tetar Singh. Nimki will work for women empowerment and inspire the village women for claiming their rights.


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