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Tonight On Star Plus… Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Kartik and Naira spend some time together. Rajshri looks for them. She has lied to Devyaani. Manish and Akhilesh learn that Kartik has gone out for kids’ project work. Suwarna worries for Kartik and demands them to get him home. Kartik and Naira romance and want to live and die together. Kartik tells her that they should tell the family about their togetherness and make everyone happy. He feels everyone will be happy knowing about their re-union. Naira also feels the same. Kartik and Naira get caught by Rajshri. They happily tell their good news, that they have decided to reunite. They realize their mistake of taking divorce. They tell Rajshri that they have patched up forever. Rajshri gets happy for them, but finds it difficult to explain them the fire consequences of re-uniting.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Raman to uncover the big cause of his paralysis… Ishita talks to Raman’s therapist and learns that the therapy session isn’t possible for few days. The therapist advises her to plan a surprise for Raman to cheer his mood. She asks Ishita not to react on Raman’s anger, its natural for him to vent out frustration. Ishita suggests the family to go for a movie, so that Raman doesn’t feel that their lives have stopped because of his helplessness. She tells them that she will manage Raman alone. She thinks of planning a romantic date for Raman. Aaliya wishes to stay back, but Simmi understands Ishita’s plan. Simmi tells Aaliya that they should better leave and not spoil Ishita’s special planning. Rajat worries that his truth will come out. He recollects Ruhi spotting him at the hospital. He looks forward to meet Sudha.

Ishqbaaz: Masquerade party to get life-changing twists… Shivay learns Anika is too bad in managing her wardrobe. He tells her that he will help her in wardrobe management. He teaches her folding a saree. Anika gets happy with his gestures. Omkara and Rudra can’t believe to see Shivay’s new classes of wardrobe management. They wonder what happened to Shivay. Anika asks Shivay about his next move. He arranges her wardrobe and asks her to maintain it. He tells her that he will give her a practical and she can learn well. Anika gets shy and tells Shivay that she can help herself. Shivay wants Anika to keep things tidy. His brothers pull his leg on his big change after marriage. They ask Shivay to realize his love for Anika. Shivay goes to prepare for the party. Anika asks Priyanka and Gauri about the party wear. Gauri shows the gown she has bought for the party. Anika tells them that she didn’t decide her gown yet.

Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala: Complicated relations to sicken Kulfi… Tevar gets panicking on learning that Kulfi fell sick. He calls for his servants to get some help. He falls lonely. He tells Kulfi that nothing will happen to her. He calls up Lovely when she is with Sikandar. Sikandar asks her to talk to Tevar and know about Kulfi’s welfare. She asks him to stay with Amyra. Lovely answers the call. Tevar tells her that Kulfi is sick, their child needs them the most. He demands her to come to Kulfi, he isn’t able to look after her. She asks him to call a doctor for Kulfi. He wonders what happened to Lovely that she is avoiding her child. She gets frustrated that Kulfi is still creating troubles for her. Lovely lies to Sikandar about Kulfi. Sikandar feels Kulfi won’t be able to adjust with Tevar. She tells him that they need to get away from Kulfi so that she adjusts with Tevar. She asks him to think about Amyra.

Krishna Chali London:

Krishna takes Saajan’s help and makes a plan so that Radhe realizes his mistake. Radhe gets doubting Krishna and hurts her by his bitter words. He tells her that he will kill Prashant. Krishna gets crying and wishes that he changes his thinking soon. Radhe finds Saajan with Krishna and receives a big shock. He gets puzzled for some time and asks Saajan what’s happening. Saajan stops him from his madness. Saajan slaps him and asks him to limit his ill thinking about Krishna. Shukla wants the women to oppose Krishna. He gets unhappy seeing his wife praising Krishna. He changes the settings of treadmill so that his wife falls down and blames Krishna for it. His wife really falls down and feels Krishna has got a trouble for her. Dubey visits them to meet Krishna. He still thinks Krishna isn’t accepted by them. Shukla’s wife tells him that Krishna isn’t at home. Dubey goes out to wait for her.


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