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TR’s Quick Reads… Internet Wala Love:
Jai tries to convince Aadhya. He waits for her and tries to call her. She doesn’t answer her call. He thinks how is she avoiding him, after all he is Rj Jai, the cool dude. He doesn’t want to see Shubhankar. He tells his friend that Shubhankar will beat him if he sees him. Aadhya happens to see him outside her house and gets angry. She threatens to tell Shubhankar about him. He runs to stop her. He asks her to give him just a minute time to apologize. He apologizes to her from bottom of his heart. He tells her that its very tough for him to apologize to her, but he is still trying, since its his Dadi’s command. She gets a shock when he apologizes. She knows he is a prankster. She wonders if he is playing any prank again. She thinks he is troubling her again by some plan. She asks him to leave from her house. He refuses to go till she forgives him.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Kartik and Naira resolve their differences. They both take charge of their relationship together. They realize their mistakes and regret. They take equal responsibility for their relation. They decide to give another chance to their relation. They confess love and spend romantic time after a long time. Naira tells Kartik that their families’ equations have got worse because of their divorce. Kartik tells her that he will tell the family about his decision to reunite with her. He assures her that he will talk to Suwarna about Shubham’s drug addiction, so that Naira gets free of the blames.

Jiji Maa:
Piyali gets crazy and walks on the glass pieces, while guessing if Falguni will come to meet her. She gets happy when Falguni comes to meet her and accepts her as sister. Piyali gets drunk. She gets insulting Falguni. She vents out her anger on Falguni. She wants revenge. She is ready to snatch everything from Falguni. She troubles Suyash and his family. She wants to snatch Rawat mansion. Falguni feels guilty seeing Piyali troubling her family. She apologizes to Piyali and takes her home, promising to give her much love, which she was deprived of. She doesn’t know that Piyali has evil intentions. She takes Piyali to Rawat mansion with a hope to reform her and end her hatred. Piyali falls for Suyash and wants him at any cost.

Silsila Mauli thinks Ganpati Bappa will end all her problems. She finds some hurdles coming in her life and doesn’t want Kunal’s happiness to get less. All she worries about is Kunal. She has no idea that Kunal is cheating her. Kunal and Nandini’s truth gets close to get revealed. Kunal celebrates Ganesh Chaturthi with Mauli and Nandini. The special episodes brings wonderful performances of Colors’ shows pairings. They play Antakshari and dance on film songs. Kunal and Mauli dance on a romantic song. Kunal has his eyes stuck on Nandini. Mauli doesn’t observe that he is lost somewhere else. Kunal and Mayank take the Ganpati idols for Visarjan. Mauli and Nandini dance in the celebrations with much enthusiasm.


Zoya has agreed to marry Arshad for just keeping Wasim’s heart. She isn’t able to forget Aditya. When her mother shows her the engagement preparations, Zoya feels lost. She tries the new jewelry. She misses Aditya. Zoya isn’t able to think of Arshad. She keeps thinking about Aditya and stays unhappy. She knows whom her heart is calling and still tries to suppress her feelings. She doesn’t want to reciprocate Aditya’s love. Her mum shows the jewelry that will double her beauty. Zoya acts happy to show everyone. Aditya meets her and understands that she is pretending happy. She worriedly ends up making mistakes. Aditya stops Zoya and asks her to realize her real feelings. She tells him that she is really happy. He calls it a big lie and asks her not to cheat herself. They have a moment.

Vivaan is blamed for Sunny’s murder. Meera meets Vivaan in jail. She assures him that she will free him soon. Meera explains Sunny’s plan to Vivaan. She stops inspector from torturing Vivaan. Inspector asks them not to romance in jail. He threatens of getting Vivaan punished. Meera challenges that she will protect Vivaan and prove him innocent. She asks inspector not to make any mistake, even if she has to visit any court, she will prove Vivaan’s innocence. She argues with inspector. Dolly slaps Meera in anger. She cries for Meera’s madness for Vivaan. Dolly also thinks Meera is wrong to support Vivaan, who is a murderer. Dolly curses Vivaan. She scolds Meera for lying about her marriage.

Aapke Aa Jane Se:

Sahil and everyone pray for Vedika’s life. Sahil gets tensed and doesn’t lose hopes. He wants Vedika to get saved some how. Arya forgives Vedika and wants her to come back. Arya feels sorry for being so rude towards Vedika. Ved and Sahika also make prayers for Vedika’s recovery.


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