Kaleerein: Suspicion twist to draw Meera-Vivaan away

Kaleerein: Sunny to toughen Meera's struggles

Kaleerein: Suspicion twist to draw Meera-Vivaan away… Meera finally reaches Sunny and wants to punish him for mocking his death and trapping Vivaan. She wants to show him girls’ power. She gets evidence video that Sunny is alive. She rushes to the police station to tell inspector that Sunny is alive. She gives the evidence and asks him to free Vivaan. Inspector doesn’t find any valid evidence and scolds Meera for wasting their time. Meera fails to prove Sunny’s truth. Sunny takes a disguise and changes the pendrive to prove Meera a liar. Sunny wins once again. Vivaan gets worried for Meera more. He breaks the prison and rushes home to save Meera. Vivaan gets a note and keys. He learns that Sunny has taken Meera away.

Vivaan doesn’t know that it was Sunny’s plan. Vivaan and Sunny get into a fight again. Meera stops Vivaan from beating Sunny. Vivaan gets angered and asks her why did she save Sunny. She tells him that she just loves him.


Sunny creates a misunderstanding between them. Vivaan tells inspector that Sunny is alive. Sunny comes to the police station with Meera. Vivaan gets angry and beats Sunny again. Sunny admits all his crimes and tells inspector that Vivaan is innocent. Vivaan gets freed from the blames. Vivaan gets upset seeing Meera’s concern for Sunny. He doesn’t know if Meera is helpless and is blackmailed by Sunny. Meera pays a price and lies for getting Vivaan freed. Meera is hiding a big secret. Sunny will drift them apart.


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