Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Plotting, drama and a shocking murder attempt

YHM: Bhallas gift an insulting surprise to enemies

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Plotting, drama and a shocking murder attempt… Raman and Ishita try to save themselves from the goons. Rajat spots them and tries to rush to save Raman from the goons. His assistant stops him and tells him that Sudha is behind all this, she wanted to teach Raman and Ishita a lesson. Sudha asks Rajat to focus on his work, she has managed Raman and Ishita since the hospital reputation is at stake. She doesn’t want anyone to ruin her hospital name. Rajat tells her that its wrong to get Raman harassed by the goons. He feels its bad that goons are beating Raman. She tells him that Raman will not get in between their matters again. Bala reaches Raman and Ishita to rescue them. Raman and Ishita return home and tell the family whatever happened. They feel ashamed of Rajat, who is troubling them so much. Ishita tries to get a proof against Rajat. She tells the family that Rajat might have planned that attack. Raman asks her not to beg anyone for help again. He wants to deal with the matter his way.

He makes a plan and asks Ishita to take him to the therapist. He has seen the result of their honest fight. He reveals his plan to the family. They start executing their plan against Rajat. Ishita also gets into a troubled wife avatar to gather evidence against Rajat. Ishita meets the therapist and tells her how Rajat has badly affected Raman’s life. The therapist apologizes knowing her sad incidents and tells her that she can’t help her by going against Rajat. Raman behaves like a maniac. Raman and Ishita’s drama gets too funny. Raman shows his aggressive side and tortures Ishita. Ishita tells Ruhi that they have to make the therapist believe Raman as an alcoholic. Raman tells the therapist about his suffering, which will drive anyone crazy. Ruhi lies to the therapist that Raman is torturing Ishita in his anger.

Ishita tells the therapist that she isn’t able to handle Raman, she has become helpless. The therapist decides to help Raman. She asks Ishita to get Raman in the session. Raman gets happy that his clever plan worked. Ishita and Raman meet Rajat in the session. They continue their drama. Rajat gets worried on seeing them. Rahat also sees Ishita’s helpless state. Raman tells them about his problems. He tells how helpless he feels. Raman behaves crazy and hurts Ishita. Rajat feels bad seeing Ishita’s sorrowful state. Raman wants someone to take responsibility of his bad state. Rajat feels too guilty that he has played with Raman’s life and also ruined his family’s happiness.

He feels responsible for al of Raman’s suffering. Raman follows Rajat and asks him how can he lie to himself. He questions Rajat. He asks Rajat if he doesn’t feel guilty. He gets cursing Rajat. Ishita tells the therapist that Raman can’t get justice for himself. The therapist agrees to give statement against Rajat. Ishita and Raman succeed to get evidence against Rajat. Ishita breaks the good news to Raman. Raman gets hopeful that things will get fine. He tells Ishita that Rajat isn’t a bad person, he is indeed guilty of his mistake. Raman and Ishita fall in big trouble. Sudha tries to kill them to save her hospital.

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