Ishq SubhanAllah: Zeenat to eagerly await Ruksar’s return

Ishq SubhanAllah Ruksar ugly accusation shocks Kabeer

Ishq SubhanAllah: Zeenat to eagerly await Ruksar’s return… Zeenat collapses in tension. She gets too stressed. She learns that Ruksar got arrested for Hamdam’s murder charges. Zara and family members get worried for her. Zara rushes Zeenat to the hospital. Zeenat gets admitted and treated. Zara prays for Zeenat’s welfare. Zara wants Kabeer to inform them about Ruksar. She wishes Ruksar comes back safely and everything gets fine between them. Kabeer calls Zara, but she fails to talk to him, since she is with Zeenat. She wants to inform Kabeer about Zeenat’s worsening state. Zeenat tells Zara that she wants to talk to Ruksar once. She asks Zara to unite her with her sister. Zara falls helpless.

Zara visits a Dargah and makes prayers for her family. She cries thinking of the new problems in her life. Zara falls down. Reema comes to her rescue. Reema supports Zara in her struggles. Zara doesn’t know Ruksar has really committed a crime or not. She knows Ruksar can do anything for Kabeer. She fears that Ruksar is really wrong. She wishes Ruksar is innocent, so that the family tension gets less. She wants Kabeer to get Ruksar back, so that at least Zeenat recovers. She is sure to fight with the problems, as long as Kabeer is with her.


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