Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Tevar’s break-up; Sikandar’s search and more…

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Sikandar plans a surprise for Tevar-Kulfi

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Tevar’s break-up; Sikandar’s search and more….. Tevar tells Kulfi that they will win the competition. He is ready to do anything for her happiness. He proves his love for Kulfi to Sikandar. Sikandar feels that Tevar is fooling Kulfi. He wants to find the truth as soon as possible so that Kulfi’s heart doesn’t break. Kulfi and Tevar win the competition and rejoice on their victory. Sikandar attempts to reach the workshop and know about Tevar. He texts Mohendar about his findings. Mohendar shows his belief in Sikandar and encourages him to find the truth. Tevar tells Kulfi that he has another surprise for her. He gets a cow for Kulfi. She gets too happy seeing her village cow Billo back. She likes Tevar’s surprise. She tells him that he is really a magician for her. She shares more about her past life with Tevar. Kulfi sings and dances with him.

Lovely reaches Tevar and reveals that Sikandar is trying to find their past. She seeks Tevar’s help in covering up their affair. She asks him to stop Sikandar from finding the truth. Sikandar wants to know about Tevar’s girlfriend, which can solve all the puzzles. Lovely tells Tevar that Sikandar is sure that he isn’t Kulfi’s dad. She says my marriage will break if Sikandar learns the truth. She asks him to rush to Sikandar and fool him. He scolds her for not thinking about him and Kulfi till now. He asks if she doesn’t care about anyone else. He calls her selfish and refuses to help her.

He ends all ties with Lovely, being depressed with her self-centric behavior. He tells her that he will never love her. Lovely tells him that she doesn’t care for his love, he should leave from her life. He tells her that he didn’t do anything wrong and won’t run away being scared of Sikandar. He asks her not to have any expectations from him. Sikandar meets some people and asks about Tevar’s rich girlfriend. Cutie consoles a heartbroken Amyra. She doesn’t think these problems will end till Kulfi is around. She promises Amyra that she will teach a lesson to Kulfi. Kulfi wants to help Amyra.

Tevar feels Amyra is selfish like Lovely. He tells her that selfish people don’t help anyone. Kulfi asks Tevar about his friends. Sikandar doesn’t learn Tevar’s girlfriend’s name. Sikandar thanks the person for all the information. The man gives him another lead and tells him the next place where he can get information about that girl.

Tevar tells Kulfi that he ended ties with selfish friends, and now Kulfi is his only friend. Tevar asks her to stop thinking about Amyra now. He gets angry when she talks about Amyra all the time. He asks Kulfi to think about herself.

Lovely confronts Mohendar for spying on her. She reprimands him. He tells her that he knows Tevar and her relation. She feels insecure. He tells her that he knows the reality and wants a proof against her. Sikandar visits the PCO and asks about Tevar and his love. The PCO owner asks him to pay Tevar’s loan first. Sikandar agrees to pay the loan. He asks him to inform him about Tevar’s lover. Sikandar finally gets the girl’s phone number. He calls on it and gets the number switched off. He doesn’t reach Lovely’s truth. Cutie creates a scene to oust the cow. Tevar faces her and asks her to do anything she wants.

He supports Kulfi totally. Lovely demands an answer from Sikandar. She scolds him for always being absent for Amyra and her. She falls sick by stress. Mohendar takes update about Tevar’s girlfriend. Sikandar tells him that he couldn’t find anything. Mohendar guides him in getting mobile number details. Sikandar doesn’t want Lovely to take tension. Mohendar pities Sikandar’s situation.

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