YRKKH: Naira’s shocking revelation to stun Suwarna

YRKKH: Naira's shocking revelation to stun Suwarna

YRKKH: Naira’s shocking revelation to stun Suwarna… Rajshri consoles Naira and asks her about the reason for her drastic move. Naira tells her that she doesn’t want to talk to anyone and wants to sleep. She tells Rajshri that she doesn’t want to take any wrong step in haste. Naira messages Suwarna and requests her to call her once, so that she can give her reasoning for rejecting Kartik. She asks Suwarna to call her for Kartik’s happiness sake. Suwarna calls her to know the important reason. Naira asks her to help her make Kartik away. She tells Suwarna that she wants to leave from Kartik’s heart as well. She wants to do take this step along with Suwarna, so that they succeed. She knows Suwarna loves Kartik a lot. She doesn’t want to hurt anyone. She asks Suwarna to meet her at the temple.

Suwarna asks Naira why did she break Kartik’s hopes after agreeing to marry him. She scolds Naira for cheating Kartik. She asks Naira why is she expecting to take help from her. She reprimands Naira for her selfish behavior. Naira insists her to meet her.

Naira gains courage from Rajshri. Naira feels bad for hurting Kartik and everyone by her decision. Goenkas feel helpless because of Kartik’s heartbreak. Manish asks Akhilesh to handle the new project in Kartik’s place. Kartik doesn’t want Akhilesh to manage stress. He tells the family that he is fine and wants to go US to handle work. Manish and Suwarna ask him to take some rest. Manish doesn’t know why did Naira hurt Kartik so much if she claimed to love him. The families don’t understand the reason of Naira’s decision. Naksh doesn’t want Kirti to take any stress. Naksh can’t believe that Naira has hurt Kartik’s heart. Everyone wants answers from them. Rajshri tells them that Naira didn’t share anything, but she is hiding something big. Naira tells them that she isn’t upset. She goes to meet Suwarna.

Rajshri is sure that Naira is hiding something really serious. Naira and Kartik make prayers and wish their problems end. Naira doesn’t want Kartik’s life to get problems further. Kirti feels worried for Kartik. She asks Naksh if Naira is taking any revenge on Kartik this way, breaking Kartik’s hopes is a bad move. Naksh tells her that maybe Naira thought for Kartik’s betterment. She tells Naksh that Naira has made a stupid move. She takes stress about Naira and Kartik’s relationship. She tells Naksh that Naira is totally wrong this time. Naksh asks her to leave Naira on her own and let her decide for her life.

Suwarna visits the temple to make prayers to Kartik. Naira meets her to reveal the reason for rejecting Kartik’s proposal. She tells Suwarna that she also wants Kartik’s happiness. Suwarna asks her the reason. Naira makes a shocking revelation to Suwarna about the blood clotting in her brain, which may result in her death, or memory loss. She tells Suwarna that she isn’t fit and suitable to become Kartik’s life partner. Suwarna can’t believe Naira’s illness. Naira tells Suwarna that her life surety is less and she can’t put Kartik in sorrow by marrying him. She tells that she is also in much pain since her medical condition is critical. She tells Suwarna that she has decided to leave from Kartik’s life. Suwarna realizes why Naira changed her decision and sympathizes with her.

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