Ishqbaaz: Anika to learn Shivay’s disguised avatar

Ishqbaaz: Anika to learn Shivay's disguised avatar

Ishqbaaz: Anika to learn Shivay’s disguised avatar… Shivay finds the family upset. They don’t want to have food. Shivay insists them to have food. He worries for Dadi’s knee joint pain. Omkara questions him about his information. Shivay tells them that Shivay has told them everything already. Everyone finds the dishes very similar to the ones prepared by Shivay. Mohit gets angered knowing about Shivay. He doesn’t want to hear more stories. Shivay convinces the family to have food. They taste the food and find it amazingly perfect. They find his style of cooking similar to Shivay’s. They get suspicious about Shivay.

Mohit asks them to stop chanting Shivay’s name. He asks them to help him find Shivay, who is his wife’s murderer. He tells them that he won’t spare Shivay, they can’t save him. He expresses his hatred for Shivay. Shivay understands his pain and wants to catch the real culprit, so that he can get his friend back. He goes to his room to find clues about the murderer. He knows that he will get some clues for sure. He gets a button and realizes that someone has worn similar coat that night to frame him.

He doesn’t know how to prove the truth. Anika sheds tears and misses Shivay. She wonders what was Shivay going to tell her that night. Shivay reaches her to cheer her once again. She tells him that she really wants to see Shivay. She expresses her sorrow over Shivay’s saddening situation. He also sheds tears along with him. She tells him that she wants to hear Shivay’s voice once. He asks her to hear his voice by heart.

Anika makes prayers for Shivay. Shivay prays that her belief in him wins and his innocence is proved. Tej spots Shivay spying and scolds him for getting close to the family. He asks him not to make relations with him. He can’t hear anyone praising Shivay and throws him out. Shivay asks Tej to listen to him once. Tej loses his cool. He tells his sons that Shivay has sent his friend to spy on them.

Anika tells Tej that they have to give some respect to Shivay’s friend. They ask Tej to forgive Shivay. Tej asks Shivay to just get lost. Omkara and Rudra come to his rescue. Shivay gets his courage and strength back when his brothers support him. Omkara and Rudra oppose Tej and ask him to let Shivay’s friend stay with them until Shivay returns. Dadi also asks Tej to let Majnu be with them. Tej gets angered that his sons have opposed him once again, just because of Shivay.

Shivay thanks his brothers for helping him. Shivay reaches Mohit’s room to solve the mystery. Anika asks him how did he come to Mohit’s room. He tells her that Shivay has sent him to look after Mohit and others. She asks him to make her talk to Shivay once. He gets Anika’s phone to collect more clues about Nancy. Anika, Priyanka and Dadi light a diya for Shivay’s welfare. Anika conveys her message to Shivay and wants him to come back soon. Shivay tries to keep his identity safe. Anika realizes Majnu is actually Shivay, who is hiding from everyone to find the murderer.


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