Jiji Maa: Falguni to learn Uttara’s existence truth

Jiji Maa: Falguni furious over losing Niyati

Jiji Maa: Falguni to learn Uttara’s existence truth… Piyali and Uttara steal the Ganpati idol to blackmail Falguni further. Uttara wants the family to miss her and plots the hurdles so that they fail to handle everything, and realize her real worth. Falguni fills in Uttara’s place by taking care of all the responsibilities. She does all the duties and gets the house control in her hand. Uttara gets angry knowing the family has forgotten her. She gets some peace when Vidhaan speaks about his mother. She feels happy that she is somewhere alive in Vidhaan’s heart, which means the most to her. Piyali wants to snatch Falguni’s biggest strength, Niyati. She asks Falguni to make Niyati accept her as Jiji Maa, only then she will return the Ganpati idol.

Falguni risks her life and makes Piyali turn into her savior in Niyati’s eyes, so that Niyati accepts her as Jiji Maa. Niyati falls in Falguni’s plan and really thinks that Piyali has saved Falguni’s life. She feels indebted to Piyali and accepts her heartily. Piyali returns the Ganpati idol to Falguni.


Falguni keeps the promise made to family and places the Ganpati idol before the investors come for signing the deal. However, she gets threatened by Piyali and receives bad omens, which makes her cancel the deal signing. Suyash asks Falguni for a justification of her move. Falguni doesn’t expose Piyali, knowing Niyati will hate Piyali again. Falguni gets close to learn about Uttara, living with them in disguise. How will Falguni handle double trouble of Piyali and Uttara? Keep reading.


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