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Tonight On Star… Papa By Chance:
Mohini and Bela have small arguments going on all day along. Amrit gets troubled by the nuisance. She asks them to maintain peace. Amrit takes a new avatar. She feels Rohan is losing interest in her. She doesn’t want Yuvaan to mock her love story. She thinks to answer Yuvaan, by showing Rohan and her sweet bonding. She wants to attract Rohan by her feminine nuances. She gets tips from Mohini.

Mariam Khan – Reporting LIVE:
Majaaz crosses the border to reach and rescue Mariam from Farhaan. Majaaz gets spotted by the army officials, who get a lead about him by the police. Aayat pressurizes Mariam for donating a kidney to Jibraan and saving his life. Aayat wants Jibraan to get saved at any cost. Mariam refuses to give her kidney. Doctor takes Mariam’s medical tests and informs Aayat about the donor match He asks Aayat to convince Mariam for the operation. Mariam cries for Majaaz, and wants him to come soon. Majaaz gets shot at the border unfortunately.

YRKKH: Kartik-Ashi’s marriage invite to hurt Naira… Naira learns about her illness, that would make her life worse than death. Naira gets afraid of the surgery, but agrees for it to get a new life. She learns that she may lose her partial memory after the surgery. She doesn’t want to live such a life where she doesn’t remember her close relations. She wants to have hope that things get better for her. Doctor tells her that they have checked her reports well and she is really stuck in this medical mess. He asks Naira to decide for her life. Suwarna gets a huge shock knowing the threat on Naira’s life. Naira asks Suwarna to help her make Kartik away from her forever. She tells Suwarna that she doesn’t want to live life by losing memories of Kartik, its better that Kartik forgets her. She tells that Kartik will die if she dies, he will also forget living if she forgets him after marrying him.

YHM: Sudha to declare an open war against Bhallas… Raman gets a surprise from the family. He gets happy seeing the automatic wheelchair. Ishita tells Raman that she has planned this surprise for him. He gets emotional with her thoughtful gift. She tells him that he will be happy when he doesn’t depend on anyone. Sudha mourns for Rajat’s death. She does Rajat’s final rites with a heavy heart. She promises to ruin Raman and Ishita’s family. She sheds tears for her brother. Raman and Ishita get the saddening news of Rajat’s suicide. Raman feels Rajat has done wrong to commit suicide. He tells Ishita that Sudha won’t take this light. Ishita tells Raman that Sudha is Rajat’s elder sister, and was very protective about him. Ishita tells him that she will meet Sudha and give her a condolence. Raman fails to get help from family members and falls down. He feels helpless once again. Sudha gets sorrowful when she finds hard to manage her work.

Krishna Chali London:
Krishna and Radhe get together after much difficulty. Krishna realizes the danger on her. Radhe tells her about the invite by RJ Sahil. They attend the Ganpati puja aarti at the radio station. They fall into new trouble, as the thugs reach Krishna for the drugs packet. The thugs want the costly drugs back. Krishna pleads for her life, when she gets kidnapped. Krishna shouts to Radhe to get help.

Shivay finds the family upset. They don’t want to have food. Shivay insists them to have food. He worries for Dadi’s knee joint pain. Omkara questions him about his information. Shivay tells them that Shivay has told them everything already. Everyone finds the dishes very similar to the ones prepared by Shivay. Mohit gets angered knowing about Shivay. He doesn’t want to hear more stories. Shivay convinces the family to have food. They taste the food and find it amazingly perfect. They find his style of cooking similar to Shivay’s. They get suspicious about Shivay. Mohit asks them to stop chanting Shivay’s name. He asks them to help him find Shivay, who is his wife’s murderer. He tells them that he won’t spare Shivay, they can’t save him. He expresses his hatred for Shivay. Shivay understands his pain and wants to catch the real culprit, so that he can get his friend back. He goes to his room to find clues about the murderer.

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Amyra and Kulfi to make Sikandar proud… Sikandar asks Amyra to always stay happy. She tells him how Tevar cheated today. He tells her that one who cheats always loses. He puts her to sleep. He worries for Lovely. He asks Lovely to take care of her health. She wants her life to be stable and peaceful. She asks him if he was found out about Tevar. He tells her that he couldn’t find any solid lead. She gets happy. She wishes that Lord supports her. Sikandar rushes to meet the inspector to gain some information. He meets Kulfi and her cow. She tells him that Tevar has got her cow from her village. Sikandar asks her if she is sure. Kulfi tells him that he is everything for her. They have an emotional moment once again. She finds Amyra coming and asks him not to upset Amyra. She hides from Amyra. She tells him that she doesn’t want Amyra to get angry and feel bad. He blesses her. Kulfi hides her face from Amyra and tells her that she is just keeping Amyra’s wish. Kulfi performs dance. She wants to explain Amyra that she is her well wisher.

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