YRKKH: Twisted!! Suwarna to repeat Naira’s mistake

YRKKH: Twisted!! Suwarna to repeat Naira's mistake

YRKKH: Twisted!! Suwarna to repeat Naira’s mistake… Naira finally breaks out her illness truth to Suwarna. Naira tells Suwarna that she can alone battle her critical illness, but Kartik can’t handle this truth and suffer along. She doesn’t want to ruin Kartik’s bright future by becoming part of his life. She tells Suwarna that Kartik would not be able to see her sufferings getting high with time, it would be better if Kartik forgets her soon. Naira explains the growing symptoms of her illness, that she will be losing her memory as well. She doesn’t want to live by losing Kartik’s memories. She asks Suwarna to help her end her ties with Kartik, in such a way that Kartik doesn’t get heartbroken. She wants Kartik to marry someone and move on in life for greener pastures.

Suwarna feels really sorry for Naira’s state, and realizes she is also responsible for Naira’s stress driven illness. She apologizes to Naira, as she didn’t mean to take a life for loss of Shubham’s life.

Suwarna didn’t imagine that this would happen. She turns anxious and shares her feelings with Naira. Her anger for Naira melts down with this big revelation. She turns into a positive and loving mother again. She gives her word to help Naira, but doesn’t know how will Kartik react on this. Suwarna fears that she is doing the same mistake like Naira, by hiding Naira’s illness from Kartik. Naira convinces Suwarna to support her for the sake of Kartik’s happiness. Suwarna breaks down within knowing the threat on Naira’s life, hidden from both the families. How will long Naira hide the truth?

Kartik and Ashi’s marriage news comes as a shocker for Singhanias. Kartik decides to marry Ashi. He meets Naira at the temple. He wants to give her his wedding invitation card. He doesn’t talk to Naira. He finishes the aarti puja. He then hands over the invitation card to Naira and tells her that he is going to marry soon. He asks Naira did she think that only she can give him shocks. He asks her if she won’t ask whom is he marrying. He tells her that he is going to marry his best friend Ashi. He wants to reply her for her big deceive. He says you would be thinking how did I find a girl so soon, Ashi agreed to marry me without any dilemma, unlike you, who didn’t agree for marriage, you gave me big hopes and then changed your decision so easily.

Naitik and Suwarna witness their painful meeting, and feel bad. Suwarna knows the entire truth and feels sorry for Naira. Kartik doesn’t know that Naira has suggested Suwarna to get him married to Ashi. Kartik says like you left me in the temple, I also want to leave my past beside. Naira feels hurt on seeing the invitation card. He wants to give her an answer for her everything wrong she has done with him. He feels Naira has mocked his love. He vents out his frustration on her. He says you would have not thought that I will agree to marry Ashi so soon, but since your decision won’t change, I have taken this decision for my betterment. Naira really didn’t expect this to happen so soon.

Kartik doesn’t know about her critical illness. Suwarna cries, and stays silent, even when she can tell Kartik the complex matter. Naira just wants Kartik to be happy. Suwarna just fulfills Naira’s wish to make Kartik away from her. Naira gets Naitik’s support and battles with her disease. She imagines Kartik with her. She doesn’t let Rajshri and Naitik reveal the truth to Kartik. Naira’s illness will be revealed to Kartik soon.



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