Mariam Khan – Reporting LIVE: Majaaz to undergo big difficulties

Mariam Khan to meet her father Majaaz

Mariam Khan – Reporting LIVE: Majaaz to undergo big difficulties… Aayat gets police along to trap Majaaz. She gets Mariam with her. Majaaz leaves from the place to get saved. Aayat gets happy that she managed to kidnap Mariam again. She asks Mariam to donate the kidney to save Jibraan. She scolds Mariam and reminds the tortures. She asks doctor to faint Mariam and stop her shout. A lady helps Aayat and makes Mariam quiet. Aayat knows that Majaaz will be finding them. Majaaz goes home to ask about Aayat and Mariam. He loses his patience. He demands Hamdam and Junaid to tell them about Mariam. They reveal about Aayat’s selfish motives to get Mariam. They warn Majaaz against Aayat’s evil intentions. Majaaz shatters knowing Aayat’s truth. He cries knowing Mariam’s painful stay.

Farhaan spots Majaaz and wants to capture him. Majaaz learns about Mariam’s series of operations done for Jibraan’s sake. He can’t believe that Mariam was bearing the tortures and didn’t tell him anything. He asks them where did Aayat take Mariam. Majaaz imagines Mariam and feels sorry that he has put her in this danger. Rifat hides her evil intentions from Zain. She is sure that Zain can never know her planning. She thinks of taking advantage of Majaaz’s family. Zain tries to lessen Mahira’s sorrow. Jibraan can’t see Mariam in pain. He decides to help her go out and meet Majaaz. Mariam tells Jibraan that Farhaan is really bad, and kidnapped her. Jibraan tells Mariam that he will handle Aayat.

He tries to fool Aayat and sends her away. Mahira asks Zain not to pity her and do this drama. Zain asks her to understand her genuine concern. Rifat asks Mahira to behave well with Zain. Zain wishes Mahira stays happy with them. Majaaz reaches the hospital to rescue Mariam. Jibraan and Mariam get an idea to rush out. Majaaz is ready to hurt Aayat to save Mariam’s life. Aayat attacks Majaaz to stop him from reaching Mariam. She learns that Mariam has escaped once again.


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