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High Five Spoilers… Jiji Maa: Uttara threatens of killing Piyali on seeing Vidhaan so badly injured. Vidhaan gets recovering after Piyali donates him blood. Niyati gets too upset with Falguni and breaks relations with her. She tells Falguni that she isn’t her sister and her mother now, she has given this place to Piyali now. The battle for Niyati’s love continues. Falguni ashames Piyali for falling so low and putting Vidhaan’s life in risk. Piyali doesn’t care in using any person to win Niyati’s trust. Suyash is hiding a big problem from Falguni. He tries to handle it on own, and wishes that Falguni supports him. Vidhaan’s condition breaks down Suyash. He questions Falguni about Piyali’s real motives. Uttara gets in form to answer Piyali and wishes to return home some how to protect her son.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Beginning of a new tangled love triangle… Sudha has sworn to ruin Bhallas’ happiness in order to take revenge for Rajat’s suicide. She promises to break Bhalla family and shatter Raman’s pride. Sudha keeps a watch on Bhallas to find the weak link, through which she can start creating a rift in the family. She targets Romi first, but fails, since Romi has become a pillar of strength for Bhallas now. Sudha spies on Ruhi and Aaliya. She learns about Aaliya’s growing friendship with Rohan. She realizes the big advantage that came on her side, because of Rohan. It gets revealed that Rohan is her son. She learns Rohan has interest in Aaliya, while Bhallas want to fix Ruhi’s alliance with Rohan, unaware that Rohan is her son.

Papa By Chance: Amrit gets heartbroken over Rohan’s truth… Yuvaan feels sorry that Amrit cried because of him. He thinks of forgetting the bet, since this is hurting Amrit’s heart. He decides not to prove Rohan’s inclination towards men. Yuvaan’s flirty side gives new hopes to Rohan. Rohan lands up at home to confront Yuvaan about his interest. Yuvaan tells him that he isn’t interested in him and was just doing the drama to prove his truth to Amrit, now he has changed his mind. He asks Rohan to respect Amrit and not cheat her this way, since she blindly trusts him ans has many expecations from the marriage. He asks Rohan to tell the truth to Amrit, as she deserves this. He asks Rohan to tell his reality to even his parents.

Internet Wala Love:
Samrat goes on making plans to turn into a hero in Aadhya’s eyes. He invites her in Dada and Dadi’s anniversary part and plans to win her heart. Samrat is sure that this time Aadhya will be impressed by him. Samrat informs the family that he has invited Aadhya in the family affair. Jai asks Samrat not to believe Aadhya much. Jai misunderstands Aadhya and tells Samrat that Aadhya isn’t a nice guy, she is clever and greedy for money. Samrat knows Aadhya’s truth and boasts of his true love for Aadhya, which doesn’t see any flaws of her. Jai wishes Samrat to get his love if he is so sure about Aadhya.


Suwarna tries to end the annoyance, and apologizes to Naira. Suwarna sheds tears and tells Naira that she was mad by hatred to put all the blame on her. She realizes her responsibility towards children. She asks Naira to punish her, and never forgive her. Naira forgives Suwarna. She understands Suwarna’s pain. Suwarna tells her that she is wrong to say bad about her and misunderstand her. She feels ashamed and hates herself. She tells Kartik and Naira that she is responsible for their sorrow. Suwarna’s emotional breakdown makes everyone cry. Kartik consoles Suwarna. He says it was all fate and now we should move on over the past sorrow. Kartik and Naira want to support Suwarna.


Ronak gets a doubt after seeing Muskaan in the marriage party. He wonders if she was really performing there. He meets Muskaan in the college and questions her about attending the marriage function. Muskaan denies the fact to save her image in the college. She knows no one will accept her in the college if her truth comes out. Ronak suspects her further on seeing her wearing the same bangles. She hides her wound behind the bangles. He tries to see the wound to confirm and removes her bangles. He breaks all the bangles in anger, and expresses his hatred for such bar dancers, who break happy families. He tells her that he has broken her bangles to save her from falling in suspicion.

Mariam Khan – Reporting LIVE:
Majaaz learns the trap Aayat laid for him to stop him from reaching Mariam. Mariam runs away from the hospital, thinking Majaaz is at the haveli. He checks in the hospital for Mariam. He takes a cop’s disguise to enter the ward. He doesn’t find Mariam, but faces Aayat again. He tells Aayat that he has come from so far for Mariam and he won’t give up easily, he will kill Aayat if she comes in his way. Aayat loses her temper and injures Majaaz to stop him. She calls the cops to get Majaaz arrested. She wants Mariam’s kidney transplant operation to happen in time.


    • yes, we will get bored to see the love triangle….Rohan plz be with Aliya…. Aliya deserves love in her life after getting hitched by her husband Adi.

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