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High Five Spoilers… Roop – Mard Ka Naya Swaroop: Ishika misunderstands Roop. She blackens his face when he meets her at the temple to clear her misconception. Roop gets a big shock by her move. He turns angry, but understands that she is not at fault, he has to prove himself first. Ishika thinks Roop cheated her and tried to take advantage of her. He meets her in the college. Ishika feels insulted seeing Roop and her posters. She sees Roop having the posters, and thinks he has spread the posters to take revenge. Roop asks her to believe him, he isn’t behind the cheap act.


Ronak compels Muskaan to participate in the fashion show. He tells her that its not for their happiness, its for cancer stricken people, who need funds for their treatment. He gets more demanding and expresses his like for Muskaan.

YRKKH: Suwarna takes a step to fix impaired relations.. The entire family supports Naira in battling her disease. They forget and forgive everything happened till now. Naira’s illness works as a boon for Kartik and Naira’s relation, as everyone’s heart melts because of her sorrow. Naira suffers with the disease, where she forgets things that happened a second before. She gets upset with the way her life is going over. Kartik supports her. He also falls weak and sheds tears seeing her. Naira was afraid of the similar pain which she sees in him after the revelation of her illness. She didn’t wish Kartik to break down. Suwarna asks Kartik to be strong, and not prove Naira’s concealing decision right by falling so weak. The family suggests Kartik to stay happy and strong in front of Naira, so that they can give much strength to Naira in life’s tough phase. Naira gets scared of the medical process.

Udaan: SuKor to battle child trafficking… Anjor shares about her friend Tuntun. She complains about Chakor to Tejaswini. Suraj and Tejaswini support Anjor. Chakor asks Suraj to be on his wife’s side. Tejaswini asks them not to scold Anjor. Suraj doesn’t want Chakor and Anjor to get upset with him. He tells them that he won’t take anyone’s side. Tuntun goes missing. Suraj and Chakor get worried knowing this. Anjor asks them to find Tuntun. Suraj assures that he will find Tuntun. He doesn’t think that some new illegal activity has begun in the village. He thinks Tuntun would be playing somewhere.

Aapke Aa Jane Se: Vedika’s behavior to upset the family… Vedika behaves bad with the family. Bhoomi finds Vedika hugging Sahil. She gets angry and goes to slap Vedika, but Sahil stops Bhoomi. Bhoomi tells Vedika that Sahil is her husband. She scolds Vedika for snatching Ved and Sahil from her. Sahil watches their argument, and doesn’t know what to do. He tells Bhoomi that Vedika isn’t mentally stable, its not her fault. Vedika is affected by Nisha’s black magic. Nisha wants to break Vedika and Bhoomi’s relation so that she can shatter the family. Nisha is taking revenge from Agarwal family.

Silsila: Kunal’s hearty apology to Nandini… Nandini keeps havan at home. She makes prayers for her relation with Kunal. Mauli organizes Kanyabhoj at home. Kunal assists her in Ashtami puja. Kunal and Mauli work together for Dida’s sake. Yamini thinks Kunal and Mauli’s relation is getting fine and turns happy. Kunal informs Nandini that he is arriving soon. She tells him that she has prepared dinner and waiting for him. He promises Nandini that he will come soon to meet her. Dida is posing hurdles for him. Dida is trying best to unite Kunal and Mauli. Nandini worries when the puja at her home is left incomplete because of Kunal’s absence.

Guddan Tum Se Na Ho Payega:
Guddan refuses to marry Akshat. Durga gets insulting Guddan. She makes Guddan out of the house. She sends goons after Guddan. Guddan runs away from the goons. She reaches a temple and sees Navratri puja going on. She applies sindoor to her face and does the puja. She gets a video call from Revati, and finds Revati in danger. She gets worried. She prays that she gets rid of the problems. The goons reach the temple. Guddan gets a sign from God that she will be marrying Akshat.

Dil Hi Toh Hai:

Palak and her friends plan a surprise for Rithvik’s birthday. Palak invites Vijay in the party. She wants Vijay and Rithvik’s terms to get better, since this will be the best gift for Rithvik. She wishes Vijay forgives Rithvik. Aman tells her that if Rithvik’s mom has promised, then she will really get Vijay home. Palak works a lot and tries to prepare Rithvik’s favorite dishes. She makes a cake for Rithvik. She wants his birthday to become special for him. She hopes Rithvik unites with his family.

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