Speak OUT: Ishqbaaz

Speak OUT: Ishqbaaz

Anika’s life is in danger. Shivaye has to save her from Mohit. The new character, Shivaye’s friend Mohit has back stabbed Shivaye and made him land in trouble. Shivaye had to understand in the beginning only that Mohit has come to his house by some motive. Even in the previous episodes, Oberois welcomed the strangers at the house as the guest. Later they got to know that they were fraud. I feel how the show makers makes such track with repeated script with no sense of common understanding. With regard to actors acting, Shivaye’s acting is marvelous in the story. His body language, way of dressing, talking and sense of humor is outstanding. Now as Majnu also, he is giving full justice to his role. Anika’s act looks perfect with best costumes.

Anika and Shivaye have to expose Mohit at the earliest, so that Shivaye will be free from the murder charges of Nancy, while the viewers will get a chance to see the old dashing and charming Shivaye doing sweet nok-jhok with wife Anika. The writers have to come up with the new script that should be so interesting that the viewers will not be daring to spare even a single episode. Wish this redux to end soon.

Opinion stated by Parul S.


  1. In last season Annika proposed Shivaay first….but in this season I want to see Shivaay’s cute proposal for Annika… ??
    Other than this I don’t have any offence even if the redux ends… But couldn’t understand why the makers are making dadi hate Annika as dadi is the one who loved Annika more than anyone in season 1

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