Dastaan-E-Mohabbat: Rukaiya to target Salim-Anarkali


Dastaan-E-Mohabbat: Rukaiya to target Salim-Anarkali… Anarkali finds Salim in danger once again. Rukaiya seeks Daniyal’s help in killing Salim. Salim faints by smelling the drugged lotus. Anarkali tells her aunt that Salim is sinking in the boat. They soon rescue Salim and return to the palace. Anarkali tells Akbar and Jodha about finding Salim in the broken boat. She turns into Salim’s savior once again. Anarkali and her aunt win the trust of Akbar, and get forgiven for the idol theft blame. Rukaiya fails to oust Anarkali from the palace. She feels Anarkali has really come to protect Salim. She makes another plan and sends her aide to feed alcohol to Salim.

Salim gets drunk after having the spiked juice. Salim starts behaving weird, which becomes a matter of concern for Akbar and Jodha. Abu Fazal tries to stop Salim from his drunken behavior. Salim gets violent and slaps Abu Fazal, who is much close to Akbar’s heart. Akbar gets intolerant towards his loyal guard’s insult and decides to punish Salim. Rukaiya frames Anarkali in Salim’s drunken episode. Will she succeed in ousting Anarkali this time? Keep reading.

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