Papa By Chance: Yuvaan to emotionally bond with kids

Papa By Chance: Amrit attempts to end Yuvaan's annoyance

Yuvaan feels bad over the kids’ sufferings. He wishes to keep them really protected, not just to show the welfare officer. He feels a sense of responsibility towards the kids, which impresses Amrit. He faces an emotional let down and tells Amrit how badly he is missing his mother. Gungun feels sorry that Yuvaan is ousted from the house. She decides to meet Sucharita. Gungun lands at Sucharita’s house during Kanya bhoj, and gets a chance to talk to her about Yuvaan. Sucharita feeds the girls, while Harman tries best to block Yuvaan’s entry home. Gungun tells Sucharita about Yuvaan in an attempt to unite them. She sees Harman around and realizes he is Yuvaan’s biggest enemy. Gungun makes a quick leaves, and drops her mother’s earring there. Sucharita puts efforts to meet her and return the earring.

Yuvaan and Amrit try to manage the kids, so that Yuvaan doesn’t lose their custody. Yuvaan wants to protect them. He makes an emotional bond with them. He takes Amrit’s help. He knows once kids connect with him, they will stop troubling him. Yuvaan tells Amrit that he has made a plan to surprise the kids. He buys chocolates for kids. They go to the school to meet the kids. Yuvaan learns that Dhoni has taken the beer bottle in his school bag by mistake. Amrit tells him that she will deal with the principal and meet Dhoni to get the beer bottle. Amrit goes to Dhoni to get the bottle. Dhoni has assumed the bottle to have orange juice. Yuvaan and Amrit divert the kids and get the beer bottle. Dhoni laughs seeing their arguments. Yuvaan gives chocolates to him and handles the matter.


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