Perfect Pati

Perfect Pati: A new entry to double trouble for Vidhi

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Perfect Pati: A new entry to double trouble for Vidhi Vidhi gets worried when Pushkar doesn’t turn up for the marriage. She wonders what’s the reason. She thinks of Ashwin’s hardwork to make the marriage arrangements possible. She doesn’t want Ashwin and Nivedita’s trust to break again. She recollects the earlier moment when her marriage broke down. She wishes that Pushkar keeps Ashwin’s trust. She leaves from the venue to find Pushkar. Vidhi doesn’t find Pushkar and breaks down. A guy comes to help her, seeing her decked up as a bride.

He assumes her to be runaway bride and later finds about her groom gone missing from the mandap. He offers her help, while she gets reluctant in seeking advice from a stranger. Vidhi wishes Pushkar comes back in time. Nivedita tells Ashwin that Vidhi never goes without informing them, Vidhi’s heart broke once again, she won’t be able to tolerate this pain. The guy asks Vidhi why is she away from home. She tells him that she doesn’t want to share her trouble. He soon befriends her. Pushkar finally returns for the marriage. Vidhi gets married to Pushkar in a grand way. She gets more believing him.

After Vidhi and Pushkar’s marriage, he disappears somewhere again. Vidhi waits for him for hours. He doesn’t turn up. She feels uncomfortable with the heavy jewelry. She removes all the jewelry and goes to sleep. Pushkar arrives late and gets disappointed seeing her asleep. He wakes her up to taunt her, if this is the way she will welcome her husband. He scolds her for spoiling their romantic moment. Vidhi gets worried and feels guilty that she has turned him upset. She really thinks she is at fault and should have waited for him for more. He tells her that he was testing her patience, but didn’t know that he has no value in her life. He acts very much heartbroken. She apologizes to him and asks him to give her some time. She gets decked up again to surprise Pushkar. He doesn’t forget the matter and gets hitting her with taunts. He is a perfect husband for Vidhi. She stays happy and ignores his verbal taunts.







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