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After many twists in Aditya and Zoya’s marriage, they finally get married. They never want to get separated. Aditya and Zoya have immense faith in each other. They can also risk lives for each other’s sake. Anjana and Wasim stay unhappy with their marriage. Aditya puts himself in risk to save Zoya, and gets bitten by the snake. Zoya worries for him. Aditya tells her that he is absolutely fine and they should proceed to post marriage rituals. He has been waiting for the moment to romance. Aditya and Zoya romance. Their evil enemy breaks their moment, by shocking Zoya. Zoya gets mislead that Aditya has killed Yash. She doesn’t believe the message sent by the mystery person.

Ishika doesn’t trust Roop and tells him that he didn’t do anything to earn her trust. She reads his love letter and tells Roop that he has ruined her life by imposing his love. Ranvir works hard to separate them. He gets happy seeing Ishika and Roop’s argument. Ishika breaks down by Roop’s doings. Roop fails to explain that he didn’t do anything to hurt her esteem. Ishika turns down Roop’s love. Palak feels sorry for Roop. Roop gets hurt by Ishika’s words. He gets drunk and dejected.

Guddan Tum Se Na Ho Payega:
There happens a huge drama in Akshat and Guddan’s marriage. The wind blows and power failure occurs. Guddan’s ghunghat gets off her face. Akshat and his family get a huge shock seeing Guddan as bride. Guddan was blackmailed to marry Akshat. She tells everyone that she has done this to save her sister’s life. She had locked Shweta in the washroom and took her place in the mandap. Durga yells at Guddan for cheating them. Dadi is happy that Guddan has become her bahu. Akshat tells Guddan that he didn’t wish to marry him, but she has done wrong with him to marry this way by deceiving him. Guddan tells him that the marriage is completed, and none can change this truth. She reasons her decision to marry Akshat, but has no evidence to prove herself. Akshat gets angry on her.

Ishq SubhanAllah:
Kabeer and Zara get married and come home. He plans a grand welcome for Zara. Their Mu dikhai happens. They see each other in the mirror. They recollect the last time when they got married. They are much happy as they willingly married this time. They have cute nok-jhok and romance.

Mariam Khan – Reporting LIVE:
Rifat cheats Madiha and gets her signatures on the property papers. She rejoices over her victory. She wants to bring Khan family on roads. Zain has no idea about his mother’s evil mindedness. He believes she is really helping Khan family. Majaaz and Mariam fall in trouble when Farhaan and police lands up at the lodge. Majaaz requests the lodge owners not to call the police and hide his identity. He tries to save Mariam from Farhaan. Aayat awaits Farhaan and Mariam at the hospital, and gets worried for Jibraan’s critical condition.

Dastaan-E-Mohabbat: Rukaiya to target Salim-Anarkali… Anarkali finds Salim in danger once again. Rukaiya seeks Daniyal’s help in killing Salim. Salim faints by smelling the drugged lotus. Anarkali tells her aunt that Salim is sinking in the boat. They soon rescue Salim and return to the palace. Anarkali tells Akbar and Jodha about finding Salim in the broken boat. She turns into Salim’s savior once again. Anarkali and her aunt win the trust of Akbar, and get forgiven for the idol theft blame. Rukaiya fails to oust Anarkali from the palace. She feels Anarkali has really come to protect Salim. She makes another plan and sends her aide to feed alcohol to Salim.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Ruhi requests Aaliya for meeting Rohan and considering his alliance. Aaliya agrees just for Ruhi’s sake. The elders accompany Aaliya and meet Rohan. Rohan gets happy with another chance. He tries to convince Aaliya for marriage by professing his true feelings for her. Rohan appears a genuine person to Bhallas. Mani and Shagun also like him and get impressed the way he talks about love. They want Aaliya to marry Rohan. Aaliya refuses to Rohan’s proposal. Rohan tells her that he won’t change his choice and love, and will wait for her till she herself wants to marry him, without any external pressure.

Mauli and Nandini play Sindoor Khela. She gets angry seeing Nandini. She scolds Nandini for snatching everything from her. She feels bad that she has lost her friendship, love and marriage to Nandini. She asks Nandini if she is happy snatching her sindoor too. Mauli hurts Nandini’s heart. Kunal witnesses their argument, and feels sorry for both of them, as he is responsible for putting them in such a bad situation.

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