High Five Spoilers: Kasautii Zindagii Kay and more…

Telly Spoilers Today 19th June 2019

Kasautii Zindagii Kay:
Anurag will expose Navin and Prerna’s fake love story. Mohini misleads Anurag that Prerna is marrying Navin just for money. Anurag knows Prerna well and doesn’t think its true. Anurag spies on Prerna. Navin wants to marry Prerna soon. Prerna also gives her approval for early marriage to mislead her family. She pretends to be happy, but gets deeply hurt. Anurag will prove that Navin and Mohini have compelled Prerna for the marriage. Prerna has lied to Moloy about her motive behind marrying Navin. She wants to help her family. Navin gets crazy for Prerna. He misbehaves with Prerna, while Anurag witnesses this. Anurag understands Prerna’s helplessness. Anurag will reveal the truth to both the families, and also help Prerna end the relationship with Navin.

Perfect Pati:

Rajshri felt that her son Pushkar is perfect in every senses. Pushkar gets angry on Vidhi and feels she has cheated him. He can’t accept anyone’s wrong doing. He breaks her laptop. Rajshri gets to see his angry side. Pushkar tries to hide from Rajshri. Rajshri witnesses his madness. Pushkar seeks revenge on Vidhi. When Rajshri confronts Pushkar for ruining the laptop, he makes a story and tells her that he made a mistake and dropped the laptop, but he will get it fixed.

She comes in his words and tells him that she is very much sure that he will always keep Vidhi happy, Vidhi can’t have any problem when he is with her. Vidhi falls down over glass pieces and gets hurt. She walks with difficulty and reaches for Mu Dikhai rasam. Rajshri worries for Vidhi. She asks Vidhi how did she fall down. Vidhi hides the real truth of Pushkar from them. Vidhi gets to see Pushkar’s unseen sides. She gets confused about Pushkar’s truth. She can’t understand what Pushkar wants, what upsets him and what makes him happy. Pushkar acts happy with Vidhi. He doesn’t want Rajshri to know his truth.

Ishq SubhanAllah: Zara to express wrath and oust Ruksar… Kabeer and Zara get happy while celebrating their post marriage rituals. Kabeer warns Ruksar against her dirty plans. He tells her that he doesn’t want her to ruin Zara’s happiness. Ruksar angers him. Kabeer maintains his cool seeing Zara. Everyone showers gifts to Zara. Ruksar also plants Kabeer and her Nikaahnama there. Zara gets shocked with the revelation. The family can’t believe that Kabeer was hiding such a big truth. Zara gets angry and tells Ruksar that she trusts Kabeer, he can never cheat anyone. She makes Ruksar out of their house. Ruksar doesn’t want to leave. Zeenat is thankful as Kabeer and Zara have saved their lives from Miraj and other problem makers.


Ronak gifts Muskaan a dress for the fashion show. He asks her to become his friend. Muskaan returns his gift and also refuses to become his friend. Ronak gets stunned by her reply. She gets away and asks him not to follow her. She doesn’t keep his gifted dress. She tells him that she doesn’t wear such gowns, she has worn it for the fashion show and the purpose is fulfilled now. She tells him that she comes to college just for studies. She looks forward to meet Aarti. She thinks if Tabassum knows about Ronak, she will stop her studies and also make Aarti away. Muskaan is not allowed to make friends. She doesn’t want Ronak to become part of her life.


Meera meets the tantric Guru Maa and gets warned about Vivaan. Dolly gets more worried for Meera’s life. Guru Maa asks Meera not to believe Vivaan, he is playing with her life. She asks Meera to break ties with Vivaan. Guru Maa knows much about Vivaan. She learns Vivaan and Paromita’s past. She feels Vivaan is doing wrong with Meera. She alerts Meera that Vivaan will become a threat for her. She wants to help Meera and prove truth to her. Vivaan reaches there and gets angry on Guru Maa. He asks Meera not to believe anyone blindly. He doesn’t want the truth to reach Meera. He takes Meera with him. He feels Meera won’t be able to handle Paromita’s truth.

Rukaiya succeeds to make Salim fall in Akbar’s sight. Salim yearns for Anarkali and falls in Daniyal’s plan. He gets drunk and misbehaves with Abul Fazl. Akbar reprimands Salim for his ill manners. He then punishes Salim and announces to his family that Salim will grow away from them and palace, so that he learns the real lessons of life. Akbar doesn’t want Salim to take the royalty for granted and lose our control on his senses. Akbar wants to shape Salim’s future for the betterment of the country. Akbar tells the family that Salim will be permitted to return to the palace and family after twelve years. Salim is sent to Gurukul by Akbar. Salim and Anarkali get separated. Anarkali waits for Salim to return. She becomes a entertainer/dancer in Akbar’s court. When their wait and long distance ends after many years, Salim wishes to meet Anarkali.

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