Ishq SubhanAllah: Zara to express wrath and oust Ruksar

Ishq SubhanAllah

Ishq SubhanAllah: Zara to express wrath and oust Ruksar… Kabeer and Zara get happy while celebrating their post marriage rituals. Kabeer warns Ruksar against her dirty plans. He tells her that he doesn’t want her to ruin Zara’s happiness. Ruksar angers him. Kabeer maintains his cool seeing Zara. Everyone showers gifts to Zara. Ruksar also plants Kabeer and her Nikaahnama there. Zara gets shocked with the revelation. The family can’t believe that Kabeer was hiding such a big truth. Zara gets angry and tells Ruksar that she trusts Kabeer, he can never cheat anyone. She makes Ruksar out of their house. Ruksar doesn’t want to leave. Zeenat is thankful as Kabeer and Zara have saved their lives from Miraj and other problem makers.

Zeenat has accepted that Zara is meant to be with Kabeer, but Ruksar is stubborn. Zeenat doesn’t support Ruksar this time, since Ruksar is wrong. She fails to explain Ruksar that she shouldn’t come between Kabeer and Zara. She asks Ruksar to accept the truth. She tells Ruksar that she won’t hurt Zara.

Ruksar creates a big drama. Zeenat tries a lot to stop Zara from ousting Ruksar. She gets embarrassed since elders expect her to be responsible towards family. Zeenat has failed in her duties of maintaining peace in family. She hides the truth that she knew about Ruksar’s marriage with Kabeer. Zara angrily doesn’t listen to anyone. She shames Ruksar for back stabbing them this way. Zeenat fails to help her younger sister. Zara doesn’t want anyone to come in between Kabeer and her. Zara says Kabeer can never do this, Ruksar is lying. Kabeer hugs her and tells her that he has really married Ruksar. Zara gets devastated. Kabeer tries to explain her the reason for marrying Ruksar, he had promised Zeenat and had to save Ruksar’s life. Kabeer asks Zara to understand his situation, he had no option than to marry Ruksar. Entire family supports Zara. What will Ruksar do now? Keep reading.


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