Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Kulfi and Sikandar’s big emotional let down

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Kulfi and Sikandar's big emotional let down

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Kulfi and Sikandar’s big emotional let down… Amyra tells Sikandar about completing her school project with Tevar and Kulfi. Sikandar gets happy knowing Amyra and Kulfi’s bonding, but cries because of Lovely’s lie. Amyra asks Kulfi to talk to Sikandar. Sikandar doesn’t get to talk to Kulfi and cries. Sattu feels Sikandar doesn’t love Kulfi and Nimrat. Kulfi tells Amyra about Nihalo. She recalls Nimrat. Mohendar and Gunjan get glad seeing Amyra and Kulfi together. Mohendar goes to meet Kulfi. Sattu vents out anger on Sikandar. He poses questions and thinks to tell truth to Sikandar, if he answers him the truth. Sikandar doesn’t want to tell Sattu about Nimrat, to safeguard her from defamation. Sikandar lies to Sattu. Sattu gets deeply hurt and refuses to tell the truth to him. Kulfi tells Mohendar that she is happy with Tevar, and wants to make her family the best one like theirs.

Tevar loves Kulfi a lot, which Mohendar witnesses. Mohendar still wants Kulfi to return to her real father. Sikandar asks Sattu about Kulfi’s father. He asks Sattu to remember his duties towards Kulfi. Sattu recollects that he has seen Kulfi with Tevar, who really deserves to be his dad. Sattu wants Kulfi to remain with Tevar. He has seen Tevar giving happiness to Kulfi. He gets angry on Sikandar. He tells Sikandar that Tevar is being dutiful towards Kulfi. He doesn’t want Kulfi to come back to Chirauli and cry. Cutie wants Nihalo to leave soon. Nihalo meets Amyra. Amyra thinks of making Nihalo meet Kulfi. Cutie gets worried. Nihalo gets mistaken about Gunjan and talks to her.

She writes on a notepad that Kulfi is not Tevar’s daughter. Sikandar gets angry on Sattu for being so insensitive. He asks her to think about Kulfi once and give her genuine happiness in the form of her father’s identity. He then begs Sattu and asks him to tell about Kulfi’s father. He tells Sattu that Kulfi is like his daughter, he never differentiated between Amyra and Kulfi. Sattu asks him why did he give away Kulfi to a stranger, if he would do the same with Amyra. Sattu questions Sikandar for his biasing. He commands Sikandar to leave. Sikandar begs Sattu to help him, he has already broken Kulfi’s trust. Sattu then reveals that Sikandar is Kulfi’s father. He wonders if Sikandar will understand or take it wrong. Sikandar learns the big truth that Kulfi is his daughter. Kulfi also gets to the point where she learns she isn’t Tevar’s daughter. What will be Kulfi’s decision now? Keep reading.

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