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Tej and Shivay’s clashes to get their rights on business and property will be seen. They have the same battle, but they have different intentions. Shivay wants to oppose Tej only for the sake of saving his brothers’ lives and rights. Shivay decides to become Oberois’ Ram and battle the Raavan, Tej. He thinks to upset the family relations for a while, in order to see the long term safety and happiness. He finds it tough to fight against the family, but he gets courage thinking he is fighting only for the sake of his family. He feels even if he makes Tej lose, it will be his own defeat too. Shivay gears up to put an end to Tej’s evil.


Naira forgets Kartik for a while, and then her memory resumes. The partial memory loss flashes upsets her. She just wants to get fine for her loved ones. Kartik gets upset knowing Naira is hiding her deteriorating state from him. He also wants to please her heart by his sweet gestures.

Ishq Mein Marjawa:
When Deep reaches to save Aarohi, he faces Tara’s goons. He gets beaten by the goons. Deep fights with the goons. He knocks all of them down. Tara wants Deep’s game to end forever. Aarohi doesn’t want anything to happen to Deep. Aarohi wants to give it back to the evil trio. She has an important task to do. She has to save Deep’s mother. Deep and Aarohi fight for their lives.

Ishq SubhanAllah:
Kabeer takes Zara out on a lovely dovey trip. Kabeer wants to calm down the tensions in his relation. Kabeer and Zara spend some moments of peace and happiness. He tells her that he wants to know more about her likes, so that he can give her more happiness. They ride cycles and enjoy the beautiful locales. They want love to always stay in their relation. Zara thanks Kabeer for being thoughtful and giving such a surprise.

Tu Aashiqui:
Pankti has learnt to control everyone. Pankti fools Randhir and Anita as well. She controls Anita by using money. Anita creates drama and troubles Pankti always. Anita learns that Pankti has become very rich because of Randhir. She wants to get more money from Pankti. Poorva and Pankti want to teach a lesson to Anita. Pankti will be back with Ahaan soon. Pankti is dedicated and loyal towards Ahaan. Pankti wants to help Ahaan and his family.

Aditya and Zoya have a big clash after their marriage. Anjana is the reason for their fight. Anjana plays a dirty move and makes their love down by testing their belief. Anjana spoils their romance by informing Zoya that Aditya has killed Yash. Zoya wants to find the truth and know what happened with Yash and Pooja that day. She takes a step away from Aditya. This upsets Aditya. Anjana gets happy knowing Aditya and Zoya’s relation is turning bitter. Anjana isn’t happy with their relation, and makes plan to get them separated. Zoya doesn’t want any doubt to make her regret later. She decides to find Yash’s real murderer and till then she will be away from Aditya. Zoya wants to find the real culprit ruining their lives.


Nandini is disturbed because of growing problems. Their date also gets ruined. Kunal finds her upset and proposes her for marriage. Nandini gets a good surprise, but refuses to marry him. She tells him that she can’t marry him if his family doesn’t accept her. Nandini puts a condition and asks him to get acceptance for her from his family first. Kunal finds this impossible, as his family supports Mauli. Kunal still respects her decision and doesn’t oppose. Kunal tells her that if this is her wish, he will try his best to talk to his family about her. Kunal wants to marry Nandini and bring peace in their lives. Mauli is hopeful that Kunal will realize his mistake soon and come back to her.

Papa By Chance:
Yuvaan’s swag becomes a problem for Dhoni. The kids celebrate Hindi poetry in the school function. Dhoni also got a chance to sing a nice poetry. He tells Yuvaan that there is a hindi poetry competition in the school. Yuvaan asks him not to worry and teaches him a rap song. Dhoni becomes a rapper and sings on the stage. Yuvaan cheers him up. Everyone wonders what happened to Dhoni. Dhoni gets ousted from competition. Principal scolds Yuvaan. Yuvaan doesn’t care and gets defending Dhoni. Principal tells Yuvaan that a boy who is discipline and have good values, is country’s future. He says its Yuvaan’s mistake, not of Dhoni, a single man can’t raise the kids, a woman can give good values to kids. Yuvaan apologizes to him. The people favor Yuvaan and ask principal to give another chance to Yuvaan. Principal warns Yuvaan and tells him that kids will be out of the school if they do more such mistakes.

Kumkum Bhagya:

Tarun and Neha’s mothers get arguing and blaming their children, while King suffers in the lockup. King awaits Pragya for coming and proving his innocence in the kidnapping case. He didn’t abduct Neha, and even Pragya-Abhi know this. Pragya and Abhi spend time together and revive their old memories. Their situation romance and cute moments will be seen.


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