Aapke Aa Jane Se: Sahil to sympathize with Vedika

Sahil protects Vedika

Sahil finds Bhoomi insulting Vedika. Bhoomi asks Vedika why is she becoming great in Sahil’s eyes, by pitying her. Sahil says I respect you, but you lost all respect today, Vedika is doing everything for Ved’s sake, you should be thankful to her. He defends Vedika. He asks Bhoomi to recognize Vedika’s efforts for protecting Ved. Bhoomi calls her a second woman in Sahil’s life, who is trying to break her house and marriage with Sahil. Sahil scolds Bhoomi on hearing this. He asks Bhoomi to apologize to Vedika. Bhoomi doesn’t apologize. She tells Sahil that she is also doing everything for Ved, she won’t let Vedika snatch her son.

Vedika tells Bhoomi that she just wants to protect Ved by her motherly strength. Vedika has passed the Tapasya and also lights the Akhand Jyoti. Vedika asks Bhoomi to keep their differences aside and think just of Ved, if she really loves Ved.

She asks Bhoomi not to get the competition in between, they have to protect their son fast. Bhoomi feels ashamed that she couldn’t pass the Tapasya and gave up so soon. Bhoomi knows Sahil and Vedika loved each other, and are coming close for Ved’s sake. She threatens to make Vedika out of the house. Sahil compels her to apologize to Vedika. Bhoomi doesn’t budge and challenges Vedika that she will oust her within nine days of Navratri.

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