Ronak to rescue Muskaan from auction

Muskaan Ronak Clever Escape plan next

Muskaan vents out her frustration on Tabassum knowing about Aarti’s mental illness. Tabassum threatens her about sending Aarti away. Muskaan turns helpless because of Aarti. She is shattered and angry that Tabassum is playing with her feelings. She is heartbroken that Aarti didn’t recognize her. She was living her life in the brothel just because of Aarti. She couldn’t imagine that she will get her happiness half way. She is compelled to perform in the party. Tabassum wants to sell off Muskaan. Sir ji keeps the auction. Muskaan waits for some angel to come and save her from the evil people. She feels she has no option than to obey Tabassum so that she can save Aarti’s life.

Ronak finds Muskaan’s address from college records. He lands at her house to gift her on the birthday. He gets a big shock seeing Muskaan’s auction. Tabassum sells off Muskaan to rich clients. He wears a face mask and hides his identity. He saves Muskaan and takes her away from the brothel. Muskaan faints down. Tabassum asks the goons to stop Ronak. Ronak then reveals his identity and gears up to fight for Muskaan. He rescues Muskaan from the brothel dirt. He gets a gun from the goons and shoots them down. Ronak takes away Muskaan with her. Suzaine gets very happy that Ronak has finally saved Muskaan.

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