Silsila: Nandini gets hurt by Mauli’s aggression

Silsila: Nandini gets hurt by Mauli's aggression

Silsila: Nandini gets hurt by Mauli’s aggression.. Mauli cuts the birthday cake and celebrates her birthday. She feeds the cake to Kunal and family. She finds Kunal stepping back and distancing himself. She gets too upset and drinks alcohol. Mauli tries to forget her sorrows. She gets drunk and plays music. She creates a drama in the celebrations. She dances for Kunal and makes him join her too. The family understands Mauli’s aggression and insecurities. Nandini watches Kunal and Mauli dancing, and walks out. She comes in Mauli’s sight. Mauli feels Nandini can never let her stay happy completely. She isn’t happy and gets taunting Kunal and Nandini. Mauli tells Kunal that he has hurt her a lot, but he can make the last efforts for her sake. She knows he has given the surprise party just for Dida’s sake. She gets mad at Nandini.

Mauli has anger and frustration in her mind. She vents out her anger on Nandini. Her pain starts coming out and hurts Nandini’s heart. Later on, Mauli visits a Dargah. She prays for Kunal and her happy marriage.

She wishes everything gets fine in her life. The chandelier falls over her, but she gets saved. She gets blessed by Dargah Baba. The man tells her that someone is really praying for her by a good heart, someone is protecting her by prayers, that’s why Mauli is unhurt even when the chandelier fell close. Mauli gets surprised. The man tells her that she is lucky to have someone true in her life. Mauli doesn’t realize that Nandini and Kunal are her well wishers. Nandini is trying hard to win Mauli’s heart.

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