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Zoya becomes the target of Anjana once again. After the drunken chapter, Zoya faces the big let down when someone poisons the prasad, which is prepared by her. Aditya knows Zoya can never hurt others intentionally. Zoya wants to know the mystery man, who knows everything about Aditya and her. The people eat the poisoned prasad and fall sick. Zoya learns that even Aditya has consumed the poison. She gets worried for him. She wants to fight for Aditya and their happiness.

Meera and Vivaan have a new problem. Paromita’s sister Tulika wants revenge from Vivaan. She meets Meera at the Soni kudi academy and acts innocent. Meera gets concerned for her and agrees to help her. The family welcomes Tulika, unaware of her truth. Tulika wants to kill Vivaan. Tulika is the Daayan Dulhan. She brings a twist in the havan kept at home for Meera and Vivaan’s past. She wants to hypnotize Meera. She wins Meera’s trust and gets a place in the house.

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Aadhya and Samrat’s engagement happen. Aadhya goes with Jai for the work. Samrat creates a big scene on this. Aadhya wears Chunri of Jai’s name unknowingly. She isn’t interested in marriage. She doesn’t like Samrat. She can’t connect with him. She feels something wrong is happening. Destiny brings her closer to Jai. Samrat knows his love is one sided, but still wants to marry Aadhya. Aadhya feels troubled by the alliance forming. Jai also doesn’t want Aadhya and Samrat’s marriage to happen.

Mariam Khan – Reporting LIVE:
Mariam meets Fawad and finds Majaaz’s photo with him. She feels he will guide her. She thinks she can reach Majaaz by following Fawad. She follows Fawad to get a clue about Majaaz. She collides with Fawad. They have a moment. She wants to find Majaaz at any cost.


Ronak kidnaps Muskaan and takes her home. Ghosh gets goons at Ronak’s house, and gets Ronak beaten up. Muskaan runs away from Ronak. Ronak fights with the goons. He gets saved and follows Muskaan. He has mixed emotions. He loves Muskaan and is much angry knowing her background. He wants to know why she has cheated him by pretending innocent. Ronak sees police finding them. Ronak hides Muskaan from police. Ronak falls asleep after they reach an isolated place. Muskaan takes him at gun point, and runs away again. She runs inside the jungle and calls police for help. There are many hits and misses. Ronak catches Muskaan and asks her not to call police.

Main Maayke Chali Jaungi:
Samar’s Bua creates a big scene and questions Jaya for dividing the safe lockers in the family. She asks Samar how can he let his wife break the family. Bua gets too angry. She fears that Jaya will soon divide the property and shatter them. She doesn’t want everyone to dance on Jaya’s tune. Satya is upset with Jaya. Jaya worries when Satya ignores her calls. She doesn’t get peace and wants to talk to Satya once. Jaya faces Bua’s wrath. Bua misunderstands Jaya. Jaya helps Bua, but fails to win her heart. Bua does the drama of her earring theft. She blames Lallan for the theft and scolds him. Jaya doesn’t like this and tells Bua that Lallan is like family member.

She says maybe you lost the earring somewhere. She finds the earring and proves Lallan innocent. Bua apologizes to Lallan for blaming him. Rama advises Jaya not to keep Teej fast. Jaya agrees to Rama. Rama gives some money to Samar and helps him in his financial problems. Lallan gets emotional with Rama, Jaya and Samar’s support.

Aapke Aa Jane Se:
Vedika tells Sahil about Nisha’s black magic. She tells him that Ved is Sahil and her child. She tells entire truth to Sahil. Sahil pushes her away. Vedika sees Nisha in his place and gets a big shock. She then rushes to protect Sahil from Nisha’s evil. She ties a Mauli thread to Sahil, which leaves Bhoomi suspect Vedika’s intentions. Nisha scares Vedika further. Vedika wants to find some way to put a stop to Nisha’s black magic tricks. Nisha becomes the most dangerous villain of Vedika’s life.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Ishita initiates an open war with Sudha… Ishita wants Pihu to go school. Pihu refuses to go, and tells Ishita that she wants to attend Aaliya’s functions. Ishita asks Pihu not to miss classes. She doesn’t want Pihu to compromise on studies. Pihu gets adamant and argues with her. Raman tries to convince Pihu. He asks Pihu not to upset Ishita. Raman calls a jeweler and asks him about Ishita’s order of jewelry. He gets confused about Ishita’s decision after knowing the matter from the jeweler. He feels Ishita is hiding some problem from him. Ishita is worried knowing Bhalla industries is getting bankrupt. She joins hands with Romi to solve the mess. She doesn’t want Bhalla family to get ruined.

Silsila: Nandini imposes her shocking decision on Kunal.. Kunal falls ill. Mauli takes care of him like a dutiful wife. Kunal worries for Nandini. Mauli doesn’t reveal about her pregnancy to him, knowing he won’t be able to accept it well when his heart is along with Nandini. She wants to wait for the right time. Nandini wants to make a sacrifice for Mauli’s sake. She learns about Mauli’s pregnancy. She has done wrong with Kunal and Mauli. She feels her emotions are justified. She still thinks of returning Kunal to Mauli. She doesn’t want to keep any relations with Kunal. She insists Kunal to return to Mauli. Nandini tries to ease out her sorrow and pain. She avoids Kunal’s call.

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