High Five Spoilers: Ishqbaaz and more

Spoilers Alert Shakti Kahaan Hum Sanjivani more

Ishqbaaz: Shivay slips in depression. Anika wants to help him. Omkara and Rudra’s words echo in his ears, that he is a murderer, and not a part of Oberoi family now. He isn’t a murderer and wants to explain his family. Now he feels that there is no use to explain his brothers. He starts believing that he is really a murderer, and he is dangerous for the family. He confines himself in the room again. Anika can’t see Shivay losing out to fears. She wants him to come out of the trauma. She asks him why is he sitting in darkness. She brings lights in the room. She wants to support him, knowing his depression because of his jail stay. She does a wife’s duty. She wants to share his sorrows and fight out together. Shivay fears of hurting Anika.

Mariam Khan:

Mariam remembers her childhood. She visits Bhopal. She comes home, when she sees her childhood avatar, asking her. Mariam as Manjeet visits her family after so many years. She believes hat her family is dead. She has no idea that Rifat lied to Biji about her family’s shocking death in the fire incident. Mariam wishes to find Majaaz, her only family.

Mauli gets in a trauma. She is certain that Kunal won’t come back to her. She angrily breaks the mirror. She cries on her bad fate. She can’t accept that Kunal rejected her again. Yamini asks Mauli to just go to Kunal and inform him about the pregnancy. Mauli doesn’t want to tell Kunal about the coming child. Dida tells her that Kunal has a right to know about the child, even if he doesn’t want to come back home. Dida feels Kunal doesn’t deserve Mauli, but he has to know about the child. Rajdeep tortures Nandini. He vents out anger on Nandini. He ashames her for her illegitimate affair. He tells her that she has sent him to jail, and also punished Mauli now. He gets the bridal dress and mangalsutra for Nandini. He asks her if she will marry him again. He gets hurting her and asks her what does she want to do with her life. He tells her that he will punish her, and kill her.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Twists in Navratri celebrations… Bhalla family celebrate Navratri and keep Kanya pujan. The family is happy for Aaliya’s new start. They prepare for Kanya Pujan. Everyone gets dressed in red clothes on the last day of Navratri. The family congratulates Aaliya for the wedding date fixing. Aaliya tells them that she is waiting for Rohan. She wears the dress gifted by Rohan. She shares her happiness. Everyone finds her happy. Ishita gifts her jewelry. Ruhi teases Aaliya and compliments her look. Rohan comes to grace the function with his family. Kaushalya tells them that Rohan insisted us to come and witness the Kanya pujan. Mrs. Bhalla and Ishita welcome them.

Dastaan-E-Mohabbat: Salim’s proposal to bring tensions… Salim finds Anarkali dancing in the Janmashtami celebrations. He angrily slaps Salim and stops her from dancing shamelessly. Rukaiya had compelled Anarkali for dancing in the celebrations. Anarkali danced for Jodha’s happiness. Salim doesn’t understand Anarkali’s intentions, and slaps her out of rage, since he hates dancers. Rukaiya wants Salim and Anarkali’s relation to break, so that Salim loses his self-control, and Akbar sends him away from the palace again. Salim doesn’t think of anything and does mistakes to upset Akbar. Salim wants Anarkali to stay simple like always.

Papa By Chance:

Yuvaan has become Genie’s fan. He likes her beauty. Yuvaan doesn’t tell her that he isn’t rich now, he is living out of the house. Genie goes for buying jewelry with him. She is also fooling him. She knows his rich background, and wants to get his money by trapping him in love. Yuvaan tells Genie that she is understanding and caring. He gets happy when she shows interest in her. Genie also flirts with him. Yuvaan wants to get Genie in his life. He buys a ring and thinks of proposing Genie.

Ishq Mein Marjawa:
Tara and Virat play a drama to impress Deep’s mum. Tara acts like an ideal bahu. Deep’s mum is thankful to Tara for saving her life. She starts regarding Tara as her daughter. She believes Tara. Deep knows Tara’s dangerous side and worries for his mum’s life. Aarohi gets back to take revenge from Deep and Tara. Virat shows his aggressive side again. Deep has become richer than Virat. He fixes the house name board by his mother’s name.

Ishq SubhanAllah:
Ruksar is excited for her wedding night with Kabeer. She dances happily and turns Zara angry. Kabeer asks Zara why is she doing this. Zara asks him why did he agree to Ruksar, it would be better if he gives her Khula. She tells himt hat its a test of their love, and she trusts him. She challenges Ruksar that Kabeer will never love her. She knows Ruksar can’t do anything. She asks Ruksar to do anything she wants, but she won’t win. Kabeer tells Ruksar that she won’t come between Zara and him again. Zara is ready to do anything for Ruksar’s sake. She is confident that Kabeer can’t accept Ruksar. Kabeer tells Zara that they both are incomplete without each other, and none can break their pairing. He tells Zara that he will just be of her. Zara doesn’t understand what he means to say. Kabeer goes to Ruksar to fulfill her wish by spending time with her. Ruksar tries best to woo him.

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