Ishqbaaz: Anika gets motivated to inspire Shivay

Ishqbaaz: Anika gets motivated to inspire Shivay

Ishqbaaz: Anika gets motivated to inspire Shivay… Rudra delivers the speech written by Shivay. He steals the speech and insults Shivay. He asks Shivay to better leave than facing more humiliation. Omkara and Rudra make Shivay away. Shivay recollects his speech. Rudra tries to get applauded by Shivay’s speech. Anika tells Shivay that its his speech, and Rudra is doing wrong. Shivay doesn’t bother and goes on to congratulate Rudra for his wonderful speech. He gets happy that Rudra has got much confident now. He tells Anika that even he couldn’t have given such speech like Rudra. Everyone gets impressed by the speech. Omkara understands Rudra’s move. Rudra reveals that he has stolen Shivay’s move, since he wanted to give him a shock. Shivay thanks Rudra for everything. He doesn’t get sad, but happy for Rudra. Shivay gets in trauma over Tej’s death.

He strangles Anika and hurts her. Anika gets away from him. Shivay realizes his mistake and apologizes to her. He feels bad that he has harmed Anika. He tells her that he wasn’t in his senses. She forgives him. He asks her to get away from him like everyone else. He feels guilty for giving her pain all the time. She refuses to go away from him, since she can’t live without him. She encourages him to try and move on. She doesn’t want to lose her rights on his sorrows. Shivay and Anika console each other. She feels this phase will pass soon. He fails to explain her that he can’t move on. He doesn’t want to give her false hopes. He wants her to move on. Anika lies to Gauri about Shivay’s move.

Omkara doesn’t like talking to Shivay, since he hates Shivay to the core. Shivay wishes their hatred gets down. Shivay pities his family’s state and wants to help them, but ends up getting humiliated. He finds Priyanka ruining her life. Priyanka vents out anger on Shivay and sheds tears. Shivay asks her not to hate herself. She tells him that his crimes have changed her. He apologizes to her. Gauri and Bhavya see Anika’s neck hurt. Anika tries to cover it up. They realize that Shivay has hurt Anika. Shivay turns sorrowful and confines himself. Bhavya encourages Anika in helping Shivay. Anika insists Shivay to join the office.

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