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YHM: Bhallas prepare for Aaliya’s wedding. Raman also conceals the company losses from the family. He tells everyone that he has already booked the hotel for the wedding. Aaliya gets blessings from everyone. Ishita and Romi get worried and wonder how did Raman book the hotel by paying the advance. Ishita know Raman didn’t get the bank loan. She reaches the hospital and looks for Raman. She suspects Raman. The lady tell Ishita that Raman has come for kidney donation. Ishita gets terrified thinking Raman is selling his kidney for money. She rushes to the crowd and tries to search for Raman.

Meera and Vivaan have a romantic moment on their date. Meera gets possessed by evil powers. She gets powerful and attacks Vivaan. Vivaan gets terrified seeing Meera’s dangerous move. Dolly and Gurumaa try to limit Meera. Meera has eaten the kheer made by Tulika. She doesn’t understand the supernatural things. Meera targets Vivaan and wants to kill him, since the spirit wants this. She suffocates him. Vivaan gets saved when Meera hears some spiritual bhajans, and gets released from the evil spirits. Tulika has done black magic on Meera to ruin her life. Tulika is very powerful. Tulika wants to marry Meera’s brother and get inside the family. Prince wants to marry Tulika and feels he loves her. Dolly scolds him for his madness.

Ishq Mein Marjawa:
Abhimanyu and Aaliya practice fight in Deep’s house. Abhimanyu shows his talents. Aarohi covers her face and asks Deep to come ahead for the fight. She challenges Deep. Deep fights with Aarohi. Deep overpowers her. Aarohi doesn’t want Deep to see her face. They both attack each other. Abhimanyu stops Aarohi and protects Deep. He gives her a chance to run away. Deep gets hurt. Tara get a chance to take care of him. She romances Deep. Aarohi stays in the house in disguise, and gets upset seeing them. Aarohi is given the new identity by Abhimanyu. Aarohi has changed her avatar to settle scores with her enemies. Abhimanyu makes Aarohi confident and brave. He wants to help Aarohi in taking revenge from Deep. He has a belief that Aarohi is self-motivated and can manage her enemies.

Ishq SubhanAllah:

Zara didn’t imagine that she will get arrested for Ruksar’s suicide drama. Ruksar’s wish of romancing Kabeer doesn’t get fulfilled. She gets frustrated when Kabeer rejects her love, and boasts of his love for his first wife Zara. Ruksar ruins everything and also tries to commit suicide. She blames Zara for ruining her life. Ruksar is rushed to the hospital. Ruksar gets saved. The family stays stressed at home. They all wish Ruksar to get fine. Police accuses Zara. Zara doesn’t understand why is she being tested so much, she has already given up a relation by believing on Kabeer.

Mariam Khan – Reporting LIVE:

Fawad creates a scene at his ex-girlfriend’s office. Mariam tracks Fawad. She brings trouble for him. He gets angry and warns her against spoiling his work. He becomes arrogant. She asks him if he is missing her so much. She tells him that she will snatch everything from him. She gets self praising. She tells him that he doesn’t deserve her. She asks him to beg her for a forgiveness, and she may think to return in his life. He tells her that he has never apologized to anyone in his life, he is self-made, but she has stolen his life’s important story to make her own career. He asks her to accept her theft and apologize. He scolds her for the crime. She doesn’t feel guilty. She tells him that she has done everything fair. He tells her that he doesn’t want to fall in love, and is just thinking about his ambition.

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega:
Shweta attacks Guddan. She reaches Guddan to kill her. She feels Guddan has failed her plans and married Akshat. Guddan didn’t wish to marry Akshat, but was helpless. Shweta takes the kinner disguise and asks Guddan to give her life. Guddan can’t believe her and pushes Shweta. She takes the knife from Shweta and jokes. Shweta hits her. She ties Guddan and throws her in the swimming pool. Guddan’s jewelry pearls reach Akshat, who senses Guddan is on some problem. Guddan gets rescued by Akshat. Akshat heroically saves Guddan. He wonders who is after Guddan’s life. He doesn’t want Guddan to fall in danger ever.

Salim compels Anarkali to confess her love for him. He punishes Anarkali and makes her stand in between the cold river water, if she can prove her loyalty. Anarkali obeys him and falls in trouble. Salim saves her life. He then risks his life and questions her if she doesn’t want him to survive. Anarkali breaks down when Salim gets surrounded in the fire. She runs to save him and confesses love for him. She agrees to wed him. Salim thinks everyone will accept his decision and get him what he wants, as he is the future king. Akbar will be oppising Salim and his love story with Anarkali.

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